Jan 9, 2009

Week Three: Friday (Day 13)

Well, I'm coming to the end of three weeks (four if you count the test week). In that time, only 13 days have I been officially using my stock to make menus. There's still PLENTY left LOL!

There are three things that would have helped to balance out my stores: tomato products, pasta and bags of non-shredded vegetables.

I must admit it has been LIBERATING not having to do more than 10 minutes of shopping each week. In fact, I've been able to ask my husband to pick up the items for me on several ocassions. This has freed me up in a couple of ways. I've stayed home more (amazing how much more work you can get done we're you're actually HOME) and that translates into using less gas. More savings!

Today I will be using the leftover BBQ Chicken that I had frozen at some point in the recent past. It was a crockpot recipe. Essentially throw in the chicken, pour in some BBQ sauce and other happy things like mustard and seasonings and cook on low for a few hours.

The potato recipe, however, is from a website called The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Boy howdy, she sure CAN cook! Her recipes are full of flavor--and she doesn't bother herself with low-fat items in any way. She has pictures, too! For the original recipe, click HERE. I will be following it exactly, so you might as well go there and see the step-by-step visual aids.

The Menu

Crockpot BBQ Chicken
Crash Hot Potatoes

The Verdict

Me AND Hubby: We've had all of these things before, which is why we're having them again. DELICIOUS!


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