Jun 6, 2009

Time for a Tune-Up

I realized something the other day. I take better care of my car than I do of myself.

Case in point:

If the Car gets new tires when they begin to be too weather-worn,
Then I should keep my finger and toenails up-to-date.

If the Car gets to go to the carwash regularly to keep in shiny,
Then my daily shower takes on a newer purpose.

If the Car gets its oil changed,
Then I should moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

If the Car has an outward appearance that is sleek and smooth,
Then my legs, underarms, and eyebrow area deserve the same.

If the Car's color begins to fade or (gasp) peel, showing the sheet metal beneath warranting a new paint job,
Then I should make sure my gray stays covered on a regular basis.
(Note: Others embrace their gray. Mine will be held at bay for many years to come.)

If the Car gets its fluids topped off routinely,
Then those 8 glasses of water each day are critical for me.

If the Car gets decluttered and neatened on the inside,
Then I should declutter the fat.

If the Car gets to have high-priced gas,
Then I should buy organic when possible.

If the Car gets its upholstery and rugs vacuumed,
Then I should keep my clothes in great condition.

If I want my chassis to last a lifetime, I need to pay it better attention.

With that in mind, I propose the following regime:

  • Monthly pedicure.
  • Bi-weekly manicure.
  • Whole body moisturizing after every shower--not just my face.
  • Color my hair every 4-6 weeks so the "skunk" look doesn't happen.
  • Now that shorts weather is FINALLY here, shave my legs and underarms every three days. We'll discuss the schedule again when winter gets here!
  • Tweeze my eyebrows once a week.
  • "Top off my fluids" by drinking my 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Stop ingesting the junk.
  • Start consuming quality foods (organic if it's affordable).
  • Take a long, hard look at my aging clothing and begin to make some changes. I'll schedule going through 3 items each week.
  • Do "shoe maintenance" quarterly

Doris knew all about this. Teach me, Doris.

(Doris Day in "Pillow Talk.")
As I "walked out" this attempt at upgrading my chassis, I blogged about certain aspects. Please click on the links below to read about my experience:

Clothing Evaluation (This one has several posts.)


This simple Life said...

Many things have happened to me this week that have caused me to reach this same conclusion. Last night as I lay in bed crying with my husband I promised him and myself to start treating myself just as well as I do anyone else. I am going to make a game plan. Thanks for the inspiration.

Declutter said...

Certainly some food for thought. If your car overheats, you pull over and rest til it cools down. When we are floundering with all the stress and clutter in our lives we need to take time out to meditate and get ourselves relaxed and recharged. Some great tips!

Roxanne said...

TSL--I have BTDT with the crying and promising. In order for us to be ABLE to take care of others, we need to be in good health. Physical and mental. My skin looks better already with the moisturizing step which in turn gives me a confidence boost every time I look at it!

Declutter--LOL! Can I use that? I'll add it to the tune-up list!

Anonymous said...

This is so true and even for us grandmas! I used to go around saying I needed 'an overhaul' but did nothing about it. Now, I am learning to take care of myself. AND, I even painted my toenails RED with my last at home pedi! Being raised in a house full of boys, and raising boys, and now having grandsons...it is nice to be girly and tell the menfolk to deal with it! LOL

Again, another great post. You go girl!!

JungleMama said...

Wow I needed this today! I'm 43 with a 4 month old and has ran out of gas! Thanks so much for the reminder that if Momma ain
t happy, nobody's happy!

Roxanne said...

Jeannie--I didn't see your post until just now! I guess better to be 2 years late than never!

I hear you on celebrating the fact that we can be girly. I do NOT want to be one of the boys, that's for sure!

Roxanne said...

JungleMama--Congratulations!!!! I remember those days of utter and complete exhaustion. I remember being excited that I managed to get a shower in here and there.

Is this baby your first? My sister has a 4mo, too, and she will be 43 next Friday. She also has an 8yo girl that has been a HUGE help to her.

JungleMama said...

This is actually my 5th child, BUT my next oldest is 18! It is so different having a baby and not being a baby myself(I might be insane)
I am posting a link to you on my blog (not that anyone ever reads it, but blogging cuts down on talking to myself) thanks again for the inspiration!
smochies from Thailand

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