Jun 3, 2009

1962--The Bedrooms

(Ten years ago we had an opportunity to go back in time. A customer allowed us to rent her mother's house while we were between renting and owning. Her mother had passed away two years before, but the house was untouched waiting for the granddaughter to graduate from college. It had been beautifully decorated in 1962--and stayed the same for 37 years.

Scroll down to the bottom and read up to read my descriptions.)

This is my last post about the 1962 house.

There were three bedrooms. One at the end of the hall, then turn left and there were two more. The end-of-the-hall bedroom appeared to have been a guest room. When we lived there it was just light storage and the ironing board. Each bedroom had a NICE sized closet in it. That was unusual for the time.

The next bedroom was for the two daughters. There were two twin beds and the table between the beds. Across from the beds was a built in desk that spanned the length of two windows. The BEST part, though, was a wallpaper mural on the wall behind the beds. It was a line drawing with minimal color of a Paris scene. The room was painted in muted pinks and tans. The lamp between the beds was milk hobnail glass and a ruffled lampshade. I was expecting a poodle somewhere and found it in the mural. Two black poodles being walked by a stylish lady.

The entire upstairs floor was covered in linoleum. We lived there from July through November. They may have put small rugs near the beds--at least I hope so. It wasn't too cold while we lived there, but I imagine January would have been crisp when getting out of bed!

The final room was the parent's room. There was an entire matched set of blond furniture. A tall chest of drawers, dresser with mirror, bedside table, and headboards and footboards. Plural. They were twin beds! Just like Rob and Laura Petrie!

We pushed the beds together, pushing the mattresses so that they touched in the middle. But, I have a confession to make. I LIKED having separate mattresses. No, our marriage isn't in trouble or anything. It was just so nice having my covers stay where I put them. It was so nice to have the bed stay still when my husband moved around in his sleep. It was like having one of those beds where you dial your mattress firmness separately. It's probably just me. I like to SLEEP when it's time to sleep.

I jokingly broached the subject of twin beds when we moved into this house. If memory serves me I think there was a snort and then he went to unload some more boxes. As he walked away, I remember thinking that it wasn't such a bad idea...

(In case you've become concerned about our relationship, we have a queen mattress and we BOTH sleep there!)


Packrat said...

How fantastic. I have vivid pictures in my mind.

As to the twin beds - we did that for a little while because my husband's back was hurting. I really liked it, because *I* could toss and turn as much as I wanted. And, no, our marriage wasn't in trouble, either.

This simple Life said...

I know it a bit odd but I actually can't sleep well if I don't feel my hubby next to me.

We both sleep in the center and every time we change the sheets together one of us jokes that we have no idea why we have a queen when a twin would do us just fine.

Roxanne said...

I think twin beds have gotten a bad rep.

I call for a return of the twin bed!

Mama Hen said...

Twins beds would be great (some of the time) When I am pregnant or one of us is sick someone always ends up on the couch anyway. We only have a full mattress so whenever one of us moves or my legs jerk somebody gets woken up. Twin beds might not be so bad....

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