May 28, 2009

1962--The PINK Bathroom

I've shown the first floor and described the basement of the 1962 house we lived in for four months. Now it's time to go upstairs.

When I walked up the stairs (covered in the shag carpeting, of course), I arrived at a long hallway/landing. Upstairs was all linoleum that had a blond wood look to it. I guess carpeting was preserved for the more "public" areas. The first door on the right was the bathroom.

I opened the door and was greeted with a confection of pink! The fixtures were pink, the ceramic tile on the walls was pink. The curtains and shower curtain were white eyelet. The sweetest little white wicker clothes hamper stood beneath the window. Above the sink and toilet were glass shelves. The walls were wallpapered in pink and white "mod" flowers. I was thrilled.

Ever since then I have been a fan of pink bathrooms. At the time I didn't realize that the whole pink craze during the 50s-early 60s was because of Mamie Eisenhower. HERE is an article about the extent of the fad and Mamie's reasons for her decorating choices.

The website with the Mamie article is specifically about Pink Bathrooms. Scroll down to click on lots of pictures.

If I had a 50s house to decorate, I would definitely embark on convincing my husband to have a pink bathroom. With black accents. Until then I have my memories and this website to encourage my dreams.


Packrat said...

Most people look good in some shade of pink. Why not get your first morning glimpse of yourself in a flattering color? :)

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