Jun 10, 2009

Ladies, ladies...

I think some of you are voting too harshly about yourselves on the "What Kind of Car Would Be the Result of Your Chassis Maintenance" poll. (Me, I'm definitely a farm truck. )

Or, maybe we're not. Perhaps it's good to face up to the fact that taking care of ourselves beyond the basics has gone by the wayside (temporarily, right?). It's time to step up to the plate. Go the extra mile. Bite the bullet. Set our faces like flint. For me, that means today I had to...


May I just say, "ouch." I think I'm going to try the ice cube trick next time. This is what happens every time I attempt this--it flat out hurts! I figure that my eyebrows aren't TOO bad...just a little unruly. But, I'm not backing down this time! I'll be checking them again in 3 days. With ice cube in hand.

Now, if I could CHOOSE the eyebrows I would like to have, I would choose Reese Witherspoon's. Ah, perfection! I don't suppose I have to have the heart-shaped face, too, do I?

Anyone old enough to remember the 80s eyebrows? Thick and mildly bushy was in. The 50s, however, were very sculpted. I've decided that neat and reasonably controlled is what I'm going for. I can manage that, I think.

What about you? To what eyebrow example to you aspire?

Eyebrow style #1:

Eyebrow style #2:

Eyebrow style #3:

I do think it's important to consider the face shape and natural pattern of growth before snapping those tweezers in that general direction.

That is, unless your eyebrows look like this:


Mama Hen said...

Don't get too carried away with the eyebrows. It can become an unhealthy obsession. Believe I know! I am constantly checking my brows.

HappyMom said...

I think mine are starting to look like the 4th suggestion! Lol! Time for a professional before starting my own maintenance! (Besides the 80' style is making a comeback!)

Roxanne said...

Mama Hen--I tend to err on the "eh, too much trouble" approach to eyebrow care LOL! I will heed your advice, however, since I'm determined to be more aware.

HappyMom--I'm just "neatening" right now, but I'm considering a professional appointment to give the correct "line."

Of course, the last time I tried that she massacred them...beware!

Stephanie said...

Eyebrows. What a pain in the rear. I aim more towards #3. Maybe a little thinner. Too thin and I look freakish. Although, right now they're slowly getting to the Bert and Ernie stage. Yikes.

Roxanne said...

Stephanie--Do you have any tips. I had an AWFUL time with this. I can't seem to get the stray hairs underneath without a line guide to go by.

Should I just DRAW one?

(Hmmm...not a bad idea...)

Packrat said...

If I let my eye brows go, I would look like Bert (the Muppet) except that my brows are really blond. I usually do the 80's thing; anything thinner is rather drastic for my face shape and size.

Roxanne said...

Eyebrow care is definitely a foreign land to me.

I know that I should probably tweeze a tiny bit more under my eyebrow line, but I'm afraid of going overboard and scaring small children.

For me, I'm going to go for "neat" for now. I'm considering going to a professional and getting them where they SHOULD be for my face shape, and then asking them to show me how to maintain.

I'm also taking my ice cube.

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