Jun 17, 2009

Clothing Evaluation--Week 1

I took some pictures. I viewed the pictures. I deleted the pictures. It's just SO embarrassing!

My clothes are pathetic. After my child was born (AFTER, mind you), I packed on 40 pounds. I dealt with PPD and other issues and allowed junk food to become an addiction. I decided that I just couldn't buy any nice clothes until I lost weight.

My child just turned 7 in April.

I have bought a few things here and there, mostly because I had no choice. Nothing looked good on me, so I stuck to black. Then I branched out into brown.

So, for my "Clothing Evaluation" chassis maintenance task I decided to start in what I thought would be a relatively painless area--my underwear drawer. Oh my. That was definitely one picture I didn't even bother to take! (You're welcome.) After I threw away all that had stretched out elastic, holes, or whose patterns were so dingy and faded there was no longer a pattern, I found that I own approximately 4 pairs of decent underwear. It's a good thing that I do laundry every day! (Don't worry--they're on my list to buy on errand day.)

Next was my sock drawer. I have never owned so many pairs of socks in my life! When growing up in Florida, I pretty much went barefoot or wore sandals. I think I owned a pair of tennis shoes. I also owned "jellies." Anyone remember those? (They're b-a-a-c-k. I saw them in Wally World the other day.)

Now, living "Up North," I have accumulated a dozen pair of black socks, a dozen of white, and two pairs of brown socks. I did that just before last winter, so my sock drawer is in good shape.

Next I turned to take a look at my shoe situation. Sad, very sad. Everything was worn, scraped, limp. Everything was black...and brown. SOMETHING has to be done! I have a TOTAL of ten pair of shoes:

  • Suede winter slip-ons (1 black, 1 brown)
  • Dress shoes to wear with pants (1 black, 1 brown)
  • Heeled dress sandals (1 black, 1 brown, 1 blue)
  • Flat sandals (1 black, 1 PINK)
  • Old tennis shoes

I told you it was sad. The pink sandals were a purchase on a yard sale day because my feet were getting too hot in the socks and shoes! They're my favorites now as it's nice to look down and see some color.

I feel another poll coming on. I know my "Shoe Number" is especially low and abnormal. I intend to try to increase my collection by a couple of pairs this summer. But, I'm curious as to how I "measure up" to NORMAL people.

What's YOUR shoe number?


Rini said...


* Tennis shoes (worn out, rarely used)
* Closed-toe shoes for work & winter (black, wearing out, will replace soon)
* Flip-flops (black, plus backup pair from $1 Old Navy sale)
* Strappy heels to dress up (black)

Sooooo... 4. 3 of them are black.

To be fair, I do also own a pair of white flip-flops. And I might have a brown pair somewhere if I haven't gotten around to disposing of them yet. Those plus the aforementioned backup pair would make 7... But since they are literally never worn, I don't count them.

I probably topped out at 12 after a stress-induced shopping spree in college. The shoes I bought were cute, but extremely uncomfortable. Most of them I wore exactly zero times.

Why do you really need more shoes anyway?

Roxanne said...

Rini--Here I was thinking I had the minimalist amount!

I'm like you and mostly need to replace some of my shoes as they're getting very worn.

I walked through Macy's the other day to get to another store in the mall. My path took me past their shoe dept. The shoes were SO CUTE! I was looking back longingly as I left the store.

I don't really need MORE shoes, do I?

Interesting...very interesting.

I love perspective challenges!!

Rini said...

Now replacements, I am all in favor of! *grin*

And on a side note, I'm looking forward to the rest of this series! (mini-series? sub-series?) My wardrobe is one thing I hope to make serious improvements to once we get our debt paid off. It currently consists of clothes I bought in high school, clothes I bought in college, and hand-me-ups that my younger sisters bought in high school and/or college. Luckily, I still (mostly) fit into these clothes, but my midriff is neither as cute nor as contained as it is supposed to be...

Anyway. Do summon up some courage for pictures when you get to the clothes proper!

Anonymous said...

Roxanne - I am about to make you feel much better about your collection of shoes!

1 pair green crocs (goes with everything right?)
1 pair brown sandals (to show off newly painted piggies!)
1 pair stinky sneakers (for cutting grass)
1 pair winter boots (very warm)
1 pair hiking boots (I didn't want them, but buying them made hubby feel good!)
1 pair of extemely uncomfortable black sandals (for when I wear a dress and the crocs don't match well enough!)


Roxanne said...

FarmMom--GREEN CROCS! THAT's what I'm missing in my life!

Notice how utilitarian all of our lists of shoes are. It looks like we have the minimum of what we need to be functional!

HappyMom said...

I actually own 23 pairs of shoes. How many do I actually wear on a regular basis? Well it depends on the season. During the winter, spring and fall if I can get away with it, it's boots and slip ons.

During the rest of the year, mostly tennis shoes, occasionally dress shoes for Sunday and rarely sandals. Most of my shoes are dress shoes left over from my working days. (over 15 years ago! Ouch!) I guess I need to work on what I really need! Lol!

Roxanne said...

I actually got rid of two pairs at my yard sale because I finally accepted that they didn't fit right. I would try to wear them and then I'd put them back in the closet

Just because I own them doesn't mean I should keep them!

weenie_elise said...

ast last count i had about 40 pairs...

i got rid of a few pairs to charity and replaced them with other ones... I have a lot of heels - mainly because I work in an office and i don't have to stand in them all day

Packrat said...

I just gave my daughter 3 pairs of flip flops that I'd never worn. I'm wearing the same pair of Birkenstock sandals for the 3rd summer in a row. I don't even own a pair of tennis shoes. My white sandals must be 6 or 7 years old. My walking shoes have had chunks out of the heels for at least 11 years because that is how old the dog is that chewed on them. I have 1 pair brown clogs, 1 pair black loafers. I *might* be able to get my feet into my black dress pumps. SAD

Packrat said...

PS: I used to love shoes and had fun ones to wear with each outfit - back in my working in an office days.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--your shoe description is exactly what I'm talking about. We USED to be more concerned about our footwear. I suspect working full-time sort of pushes us to be more aware of that part of our bodies.

We deserve to look put together. We don't HAVE to have a large collection of shoes to do that.

Along with 3 other items of clothing on Sunday, I'm going to take a hard look at my shoes and see what I can do to make them be what they should be.

Roxanne said...

Weenie--that's when my shoe count was up, when I was working outside the home.

I love heels, but not for long periods of standing. If they hurt too much I won't wear them.

Do you rotate your collection pretty well or do you have some that always get a "no" when you are deciding what to wear?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I have more shoes than I need but your post made me go and see what I have--27 pairs!

Tennis Shoes (5-converse & keds, & I wear all of them)
Sandals (7 casual and dressy, variety in colors; and mostly left overs from when we lived in a warmer climate)
Dress Shoes (3 pairs, 1 navy & 2 black)
Boots (3-one pr. is for hiking, 2 for nice)
Mud Boots (1)
Trekker type (2-1 black, 1 beige)
Flip Flops (1 pair pink)
Slides (1 pair)
House shoes (2-1 to tip toe outside in quick and 1 just for inside)
Moccasins (1)
Loafers (1 in brown)

What heels I have are short kitten heels or low wedges--I like to be comfortable with shoes!

Looking at them though, I wouldn't know what to part with because I use them all at one time or another through the year. Several I've had for years and years. I need to polish and clean them up to make them look nicer though!!

Does this make me shoe hog? LOL

You make me think!

Roxanne said...

Jeannie--When you live with seasons like we do, it makes for an interesting shoe collection, doesn't it? Mud boots, winter shoes, summer sandals.

If you wear them all, keep them all! I was really excited to see how much better my shoes looked when I cleaned them up.

I had a poll up that you missed. There were a couple of people who were in the "My middle name is Imelda" category with 30+ shoes.

You got in just under the wire!

Anonymous said...

I'm saved! Whew!! :)

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