Jun 18, 2009

I'm Torn...

According to the most updated poll results (it's not over yet--go and vote!), I'M the one whose middle name is "Imelda!"

I see from those who have commented and also by looking at my closet that we buy shoes for function over form.

My shoe collection is very serviceable. I do need to replace at least two worn pairs. I'll do that at some point soon.

My "chassis maintenance" challenge, however, is to get myself AWAY from doing only the minimum, getting by with just the necessary. I'm also all about saving money and not spending much if any. I have a dichotomy on my hands.

Since it's summer, I think we're in the easiest season to add a little spice to the shoe closet. My goal is to look around and see if I can add a pair of PRETTY sandals (that also feel good!) for under $2.00. Yard sales are good for this as are thrift shops. If you're squeamish about wearing "previously owned" shoes, keep an eye on the sale racks at the stores. Rini found a pair of flip flops at Old Navy for $1.00, for example.

Speaking of flip flops, I would consider them as candidates for this mission. They come in all SORTS of colors and designs. If you're up for joining me in this challenge, the rules are simple:

  • They must cost $2.00 or less.
  • They must be comfortable.
  • They must be pretty.
  • Black or brown is admissible ONLY if they are strikingly pretty.
  • Looking at them should bring a smile to your face.
I have a soft spot in my heart, though, for the flip flops my parents would buy every year at the beginning of summer. They would always have a giant plastic flower attached. I loved them! Do they make those for adults?

I just did a search and they ARE out there! Look at these two cute numbers. Any bells going off for you?? HOT GLUE, baby! Get a cheap, comfortable pair of flip flops and decorate! If you do it, link a picture. Then, consider your chassis upgraded!


Rini said...

So I'm not the vintage girl that you are... but it seems like in most of the images I see, the woman is wearing a pair of basic, single-color, closed-toe heels.

How many pairs of shoes do you suppose they had?

(Love the decorate-your-own idea! But perhaps you should finish sorting your wardrobe first, so you can decorate your footwear to match?)

Oh, and check me out - my name's in print! ;)

Packrat said...

We got flip flops every summer - only then they were called thongs. One pair of thongs and one pair of white sneakers were purchased and our Easter shoes were worn to church and for dressy occasions. If they got ruined or we out grew any of them, Not Good. I can laugh about it now.

Roxanne said...

Rini--I agree. The "fancy" shoes were for dressing up, but their every day shoes were comfortable, neat, and functional.

I would guess they had very few pairs until the big 50s-60s consumer boom.

I remember in the 80s and 90s that I had several pairs of shoes in colors to match my clothes. It was the thing to do. I was also working outside the home and dressing up every day.

I probably won't do any shoe decorating. I just got all excited to see the flowered flip flops again! (cue the "Memories" song...)

Where is your name in print?

Packrat--your description of shoe purhases was the same as my experience. Except that one time my older sister got me a pair of white boots and a purple jumpsuit for my birthday once.

I was SO hip that year!

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