Jun 7, 2009

A little more about Tuning Up

I have an update. I've discovered WHY I am a shower girl. I thought you'd like to be the first to know.

I decided to start on my chassis maintenance tonight. I filled the tub with bubbles and got in. Instantly I realized why I always take showers. I don't like baths.

For ME, a bath is just plain uncomfortable. The extra poundage and a smallish tub do not equal comfort. Or coverage. If my bottom half is submerged and warm, my top half is cold. I dunk under to get the top half up to temperature and my knees begin to develop goosebumps. I decided to try to shave while I was there, soaking in all those suds. Well, that was an experience. Maneuverability was not at its best. Finally, I gave up and gratefully turned on the shower.

Ahhhh. Ease, warmth, speed, relaxation. All the things Doris promised me about a tub bath I found...for me, mind you...in the shower. I spoke to Doris about it and she encouraged me to find my own place in this endeavor. Bath or shower. It's the results that count.

I have three things to add to my Tune-up list. (I'll update the Tune-up post to reflect the changes):

If the Car's color begins to fade or (gasp) peel, showing the sheet metal beneath warranting a new paint job,
Then I should make sure my gray stays covered on a regular basis.
(Note: Others embrace their gray. Mine will be held at bay for many years to come.)

If the Car gets its fluids topped off routinely,
Then those 8 glasses of water each day are critical for me.

If the Car has an outward appearance that is sleek and smooth,
Then my legs, underarms, and eyebrow area deserve the same.

And One thing to change:

For regular "car washes" I deem: Bubble baths--out. Showers--in.

With Doris' approval, of course.


JungleMama said...

Girl you need to become one with the tub! It is my little piece of heaven. Everyone knows 'if mom's in the tub, don't bother her!' try bubbles and a book. The bubbles cove the stuff you don't want to look at, and the book helps you slip away from the world!

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