Jul 10, 2009

"In-between" Care for Manis and Pedis

I have gotten into a routine that I'm finding easy to do. After all the work of a pedicure (especially) and a manicure, I find that I want to keep things looking nice.

The every-other-day moisturizing is really making a difference in my skin. It's also using up all those MANY bottles of moisturizers I've been collecting. So, that's the biggest step for "in-between" care.

For pedicures, the next biggest step is to use some sort of pumice to keep the callouses at bay. I like the ones with handles. I found mine at a dollar store and I keep it in my bedside table. After a shower, I go sit on the bed, smooth everything and slap on some lotion. (Caution: Keep your feet up off of the floor. Lotion attracts hairs. Yuck.)

For manicures, I have files everywhere now. Even in the car. I also use my towel to push back the cuticles every time I get out of the shower.

That's all I've got. That's my big "in-between" tips. Well, that's better than what I used to do, which was nothing!

I'm liking the results of a little extra care. Some day I may go to a lot of extra care. Until then, I am at least no longer ashamed of the condition of my extremities!


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