Jul 10, 2009


The poll results said:

Buy the capris! I think I will do a shopping trip and see what I find. Poll results on the color is to start with khaki, which seems like a good neutral to begin with. If I actually make a purchase, I'll post what I find.

(I'm leaving the following part of my original post but as of 11/10, they no longer have the Virtual Model. Too bad. I found it very helpful!)

Trixie suggested some capris at Land's End. When I clicked on the links she gave, I found that they have a program that will provide a virtual "me" who will try the clothes on for me! That was fun to play with. I never could get the right hair, but the body shape was what was most important. I was even able to import her here to see how the capris looked.

Try it out for yourself! Virtual paper dolls that help you to see what you might look like in different clothes. Fun! Click on the link above and scroll down to where it says: "Try it on! My virtual model."

Thank you for your suggestions, links, and help.


Anonymous said...

I've used the 'virtual model' and I liked it!

Anonymous said...


Your virtual model looks fantastic in the Capris -- so will you :)


Roxanne said...

Too bad I can't just push a button and lose weight the way the virtual model does!

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