Jun 23, 2009

Chassis Maintenance: Hair color

I forgot to post about coloring my hair last week. I'm so sorry if you've been waiting on pins and needles to hear my words of wisdom on this subject. Please forgive me.

Gray hair. Well, graying hair. What a subject. To be honest, I am NOT one who looks good during the graying process. It makes me look faded and tired. I look that way anyway, so I don't want my hair to emphasize it.

My son is only 7 years old. I like my natural hair color. But, I didn't want people to think that I was my son's GRANDmother. So, I bit the bullet and had it colored professionally.

After my wallet recovered, I decided I could do it myself.

I DID try to color my hair once before. I found my first gray hair the day after I turned 25. At about 35 it was beginning to make its presence known on a greater level. I got a box of color and followed the directions EXACTLY.

My hair turned out the same shade of black as my laptop. Without the sheen. There wasn't a single highlight to relieve the flat black. I was horrified. Aghast, even. I promptly began washing it.

After 28 shampoos in two days we were down to a duller black. I vowed that I would never do that again!

For the last six years I have colored my grey. I settled on a product that works well for me. It was WAY cheaper than going to the salon, but I still felt like it was wasteful. Most of you probably know this, but for the one possible one who doesn't, I discovered something:

You don't have to use the WHOLE box of color every time you want to cover your gray!

Revelation! I mix equal parts of the color and the other bottle. I use a brush to "paint" it onto my gray roots parting my hair in skinny strips from ear to ear. I am able to get 4-5 touchups out of one box of color.

NOW it's in my price range!

My chassis maintenance challenge comes in because I really hate to color my hair. I would always let it go 2-3 weeks past when I really should have done the deed which meant that I was sporting a "skunk do" several times a year.

No more. Now I regularly hear, "What a handsome SON you have." Granny Roxanne no more!


Mrs. N. said...

What kind of brush did you use? I hate to color my hair and have been known to sport a skunky do of my own on occasion.

Roxanne said...

Mrs. N--I LOVE my hair color brush. It holds the color well and gets right at the roots.

Here's a link. This is the exact one that I got. I think they come in other colors, too. And the price is right if you have a Sally's nearby.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had known this tip when I was coloring my hair! Now, I'm pretty much gray all over. That's OK though, because it ensures that I get my discount at the thrift store without showing my ID. LOL!!

Roxanne said...

Jeannie--I really still hate to color my hair. It's so annoying.

One day I will welcome the grey. Just not yet!

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