Jun 23, 2009

CE: Skirts and Shoes

My skirt collection is pictured below. I own 15 skirts. Three are winter only (corduroy, wool). The orange one hasn't been worn yet. Otherwise, I wear these on Sundays for church and for any other dress-up need. I would not wear these as my "everyday" kind of clothes as I work at home. I looked through them all and found them all in good repair. No spots (surprisingly!), holes, tears, etc.

Well, that one was easy!

My shoes, on the other hand, were screaming for attention. Here's the "collection" minus the old tennis shoes. I didn't want to subject you to them...

After taking the group photo I got down to business. I have had these bottles for years. I keep them in that cute little handled basket-purse thingy. They've been lonely in there, feeling that their lives were without purpose. I have a black, white, brown, and neutral bottle. (Weenie Elise suggested "shoe protector spray." I will be adding that to my shoe tools this week.)

I actually remembered to take a "before" and "after" example. The fronts of these shoes looked the same until I polished the left one.

First I sorted the shoes into colors. Then I cleaned them well with a damp cloth. I dried them off and began to swipe the polish on the surfaces. I buffed them with a dry cloth.

On a couple of pairs I needed to trim stray threads. That alone made them look better!

Things I've learned About Shoe Care (the hard way):
  • Put down newspaper.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Start with the light colors and go to the dark colors.

I timed myself and it took SEVENTEEN minutes to take care of nine pairs of shoes. I plan to do this quarterly. I also intend to look at my shoes when I take them off and remove any mud or dirt right then. It was sad to see the spotches of mud that have been there for who knows how long!


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