Jan 9, 2009

Week Three: Saturday (Day 14)

Since this week's menus did NOT afford me plenty of leftovers for the weekend, I knew I would be in trouble come Saturday.

Though I am a little scared of tomato puree after THIS fiasco, I still have one can left. I decided to do research and got a bit of information. After looking and looking, I have come to the conclusion that tomato puree should be used to make pasta sauce. Period.

I still wanted something simple. Then I found recipe for tomato soup that is similar to Campbells. Nearly all of the soup recipes are full of yummy ingredients and are fairly chunky. Some folks just like their tomato soup to be smooth. I like it both ways, but the smooth soup makes it possible to dip in your grilled cheese sandwiches!

So, here's my modification of the basic Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches combo.

The Recipes

Tomato Soup (a la Campbells)

6 oz. tomato paste
12 oz. milk
12 oz. water
1 chicken bouillon cube

Heat water with bouillon cubes. Mash cubes into the water. Add tomato paste and wisk to combine. Heat through. Add milk a little at a time wisking it in. It kind of separates a little if you don't.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Cheese, cheddar, Swiss, etc.

I used to be a bland processed cheese eater. Hubby introduced me to the REAL stuff. I'm going to try the smoked cheddar since I have so much of it in the frig.

Rather than buttering the bread slices (which tears the bread), I melt a little puddle in the pan in each spot where the bread will go. I lay a piece of bread on the spot and move it around a little to soak it up. Put cheese slices on bread, top with other slice. When ready to turn, pick up the sandwich with turner, butter the spot again, repeat as with first side.

The Verdict

Me: This soup was REALLY good. I am never buying the store-bought again! The store-bought has stuff in it that isn't good for you, but this substitute really gets the job done.

Hubby: Tastes like the other stuff. Nice to know that it's healthier.


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