Feb 13, 2009

A New Direction

An oft-quoted quotation:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

-William Morris

Such wisdom. It is now my new focus.

I am going to map out a plan for a thorough decluttering of my home. That includes the basement, garage, and garden shed. After that, I will do a room-by-room spring cleaning. Following that I will begin to beautify at will.

I'm very excited. What better way to make my home a haven than making it easy to maintain and beautiful to boot?

As I formulate the plan for phase one, I will obviously post it here for my own benefit and for anyone else's interest.

Did I mention that I'm very excited?

I'll probably philosophize a bit, too. Wax eloquent and all that stuff.

Meanwhile, I miss my weekly menu plan on the sidebar, so I'm going to add that back.

OH--do you like my new background and color scheme? I figured since I was starting a new project, I should redecorate here!

I think I will also offer some short-term challenges related to my new goals if anyone wants to join me in them.

The more the merrier!


Anonymous said...

I just finished my de-cluttering of the inside of the house. My hubby took off a pick up load of 'stuff' to Goodwill. I still have the outside shed to go but it needs to be a whole lot warmer before I am able to go do that. There's something about getting rid of the clutter--it's liberating!! :)

Have fun and I'll be checking up on your progress.

Roxanne said...

I'm looking forward to the feeling of liberation!

Congratulations on your declutter completion.


Anonymous said...

One other thing that happened to me in the de-cluttering process was that I became hardened to saving something only for sentimental reasons (now I wouldn't throw out baby shoes! ha ha)

But there is only so much room and I don't want things cluttered--that's the whole point! If I hadn't used something in a year--out it went!

If anyone comes over and says 'where's such and such I gave you just tell them it bit the dust (dustbin that is--wink wink).

Roxanne said...

My ultimate goal is to be ready to move to a SMALLER house. One day we'll build our dream home and my dream is something cozy, cute, easy to maintain, with very-well-thought-out storage!

Most of my sentimental keepsakes are tons of baby things. I keep hoping we'll have another, but I don't think it's going to be happening.

I'm ready to be ruthless about everything else, though!

Anonymous said...

I received my lovely book from you! I love it!! It has been so enjoyable to read through it--thank you so much! :)

Tess said...

I read a review of the movie Summer Hours the other day, which reminded me of your excellent quote.

"Indeed... Summer Hours is a heartbreaking meditation on the worth of our things, which explicitly rejects the idea that made-in-China, made-to-be-scraped (sic)junk is worth our sentiment while embracing with melancholy the notion that even very pricey objects - like, say, an art vase - are priceless only in what they mean to us as everyday items, for the memories attached to them.

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