Mar 2, 2009

Phase 1: Week 3 Intro and pic

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. I thought it was basement week. Then I remembered I moved it to week 4 since I was loading the basement with yard sale items.

I looked at my blog and discovered that it's kitchen and den week. I'm very excited as the kitchen is full of things that need to just go away.

It just started snowing here. I guess we're about to get what was going on down south. It's a good day to be inside, the wood stove is crackling away and I just made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea. Life is good.

I'll do the den today. It, too, is mostly done so it won't take long.

The picture is of my little couch. This couch has gone through many transformations since we bought it out of the newspaper ads 12 years ago. It was 50 whole bucks. Since it has square arms and top, it's very easy to recover. I'll describe MY version of "recovering" furniture in the next post. It involves NO sewing!

This current version was covered in the curtains that had been hanging in that same room for 10 years. I really liked the pattern but wanted a change. I measured and there was JUST enough to put the fabric on the couch! From there we painted and I sewed curtains and we had a whole new room.

Here's the $50 find:


Emer said...

I have 2 couches my parents passed on to us, and I'd LOVE to hear your recovering tricks! I think it's terrible that the cost to reupholster a good quality couch is more expensive than buying the cheapie ones that will have to be replaced in a matter of 2 years!

humblelabor said...

I'm amazed that slip cover is "no-sew"! It looks perfectly fitted! Yes, please do let us know how you do it!


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