Mar 4, 2009

Phase 1: Week 3--Your favorite??

(NOTE: I am working on my post about recovering a couch without sewing. I'm trying to track down some photos of my couch's previous looks. I don't have any pics of the process, unfortunately, so it's going to all have to be word descriptions. I'll do my best!)

It's Wednesday. I had declared that I would post something interactive on Wednesdays and so I want to offer up a question:

What is your HANDS DOWN favorite cookbook? Why?

If you're able to, please link to Amazon I can go and see if it needs to go in my to-be-purchased list (now that I have more room LOL!).

MY favorite, favorite cookbook is Nourishing Traditions. It was a REAL eye opener in so many ways. It's a cookbook and encyclopedia all rolled into one. It also connects you with centuries of proper preparation unlike all the processed foods we now have crowding our grocery store shelves. I've used a lot of recipes from it and prepare buttermilk and soaked grains according to its directions. (I'm working on making sourdough, but have to wait for the weather to get warmer!)

Speaking of sourdough, this video is very funny, but actually gives a basic understanding of how sourdough works. My son loved it. He watched it seven times.

Soooo...anyone else want to share about your favorite cookbook?


Emer said...

I have a "Look & Cook" French Country cookbook. (I'll post the link last.) I love this book because it shows you step by step--with pictures--how to prepare the meal. Some of them are equisite, others are a little curious sounding. But they are delicious recipes! I think I hold a special place in my heart for it because it was my first cook book ever. My French teacher gave it to me as a gift in the 9th grade for winning a cooking competition!

Amazon link:

Roxanne said...

I'm going to look that one up! I love a cookbook with pictures. I need all the visual help I can get when it comes to cooking!


Lexi said...

oooooooooh. I love me some AB! Q-man and I watch him all the time! We were really into the one he did on maple syrup.

Roxanne said...

He has one about maple syrup?? I will definitely be looking that up.

Maple syrup making unit is on the agenda for next month.

(AB, AB, AB, AB--he's the man!)

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