May 15, 2009

A new poll

I like polls. It gives me a chance to give my opinion, compare my answers to others, and doesn't take too much effort!

I've pretty much settled on the way I like to maintain my house. I won't say what that is quite yet because I want to see what others do.

On the right sidebar I've created a poll to gather and share information. The options I've given are the following:

  • Do you do a little each day, 4-5 times a week and keep your weekends free?
  • Do you like to get it all done on the weekends and have the rest of the week free to concentrate on other things?
  • Do you "blitzkrieg" the house in one day so you feel like it's all done for several days?
  • or Do you clean with a "lick and a promise" (good ol' Southern expression), cleaning when it's obvious some attention is needed?

Do you have a different approach than the ones listed above? If you do, please leave a comment and let me know. Perhaps there's a way that I haven't heard of that I need to explore!


Mama Hen said...

I really do go between them all. I wish I could have some consistency with my cleaning. I will be gung-ho for one week and a slacker the next. I am not like that with other things, homeschooling, church, etc... just cleaning. I really need to be more disciplined in this regard.

Anonymous said...

I'm right behind you Mama Hen -- I do the same thing.

There are certain things that I've developed a routine for but dusting (one of my least favorite chores) only gets done when I can't stand it anymore :)



Roxanne said...

I'll share my take on this soon. I've been in a frenzy getting ready for a family of six that will be coming at the end of this week.

Six. That will make nine of us. I don't think I know how to cook for nine...

Anonymous said...

I've tried and done them all (!)too, but the past couple of years or so I tend to do a little each day, usually in the mornings, and then spend my afternoons doing my sewing, crocheting, gardening or whatever it is I want to do; I putter on the weekends with whatever hubby wants to do, which is usually nothing. LOL Of course, if I get an offer I absolutely can't refuse then everything gets shoved to the side for the next day (except for bedmaking--I ALWAYS make my bed no matter what!). :)

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