May 3, 2009

Phase 3--Week 2: Den and Basement hall/closets and Yard Sale Success!

It's over. Every bone in my body is totally sore. I really could sleep for a week!

The sale was very successful. We made lots of money and we got rid of nearly everything. I have one box to donate and my son's outgrown clothes will go to two boys at our church. I am going to list my maternity/nursing clothes on Craigs list.

And that's it! My husband said the house feels lighter. I think he's right.

We were at church today and ran errands this afternoon. This evening I'm going to begin the process of house recovery. Tomorrow will also be a "setting things to right" day along with homeschooling.

Speaking of homeschooling, Tuesday we're celebrating "Cinco de Mayo." We've been studying Mexico and this will be our finale. My sister and her daughter will be joining us. We'll be making Mexican food. There are lots of calories in Mexican food. Especially this Tres Leches cake.

This week's "Beautify" area will be the Den and the hall/closets area of the basement. In the den we need to:

  • Hem one curtain
  • Repair trim on two footstools
  • Attach light to ceiling (see pic below)
  • Figure out SOMETHING for the fireplace corner (see pic below)

The basement area is pretty much cleaning and organizing as there's nothing to "decorate" there.

My husband brought this light home. (A customer was throwing it out.) I thought it went well with my colonial-inspired den decor. I don't exactly know why it's like this. I'm sure there's a reason:

Now, the fireplace corner. Bare and boring. From the door you see this:

But when you're sitting on the couch you see this.



Anonymous said...

Wow -- you lucked out with the pretty light. May I ask what your husband does?

My husband does home repair and remodeling and we've been blessed so many times by our customers giving us things they no longer want/need.

How cozy to have a corner stove. I cannot think of an idea for decorating the corner though. Were you hoping for something retro? I've seen shadow boxes with little family heirlooms inside that can be made inexpensively.


Angela said...

Hmmm...I am putting my thinking cap on for ideas. !st thing I would say though is to try and relocate your black bookcase. The stove is such a noce focal point and I think the bookcase really takes away from it.

What is the clearance distance away from the wall and on top of the stove?

Roxanne said...

Trixie--my husband is a paint contractor, primarily, but he can do most any remodel type job. We have been the recipients of several items that work wonderfully in our house!

My "theme" in this room is lightly colonial. The curtains have stars on them and the couch is a reproduction of a colonial fabric.

Angela--I agree about the bookcase, but it has to stay. Always a challenge!

The back corner tips of the stove are five inches from each wall. Behind the stove the space is filled with the vent pipe.

Were you thinking some kind of corner mantle? IS there such a thing?

Angela said...

Shame about the bookcase. Hmmmm....Yes, I was thinking of a corner mantle. I bet your husband could make one. And for that matter, amybe he could build a surround for the fireplace. Maybe bring out the tile floor/hearth a little more and build a Sunstantial mantle/surround with some shelving on either side for the books and knick knacks?

Roxanne said...

Angela--I like the idea of the mantle having bookshelves built in. That would give it a dual purpose which always makes me happy!

At some point we will probably do a mantle. That would definitely make the corner a nice focal point!

Until then, what can I do to give it some "umph"?

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