Jul 28, 2009

Clothing Evaluation: Blazers and Sweaters

I have several blazers. I have one sweater. If I were a size 6, I would have more sweaters and far fewer blazers. I have found that I feel more proportionate with a fitted jacket. A sweater pretty much gives me a box shape. I don't want to look like a box.

Besides the attempt at contouring my shape, blazers also give me the option of wearing a color that doesn't normally work well with my skin tone. I don't look good in black, but I can wear a periwinkle shell under a black jacket. Face is happy. Body shape is reasonably, well, shaped.

Back in the 80s there was something called "Color Me Beautiful." Anyone remember? Mary Kay Cosmetics adopted the system for a while. In my early 20s, I was...(drum roll, please)...a Mary Kay Consultant with experience in color matching. You may now be impressed.

Because of all of that training, I knew that my best colors come from the "Autumn Palette." Since I've gained weight I have wandered away from colors that look good on me to colors that make an attempt to hide me. Enter the need for blazers.

In going through my closet I discovered that all were in good shape and that all fit well and made me happy. They're all keepers.

I did discover something useful for any jackets that don't fit the bill. Here's a video tutorial that I saw on Wardrobe Refashion. (Click on THIS to see her version.)

If you can't wear it, turn it into a backpack!

How to make a Backpack, DIY Back to School Special, Threadbanger @ Yahoo! Video


Packrat said...

Glad you were able to keep your blazers.

Ah, Color Me Beautiful. I own the book. I think someone gave it to me. (I had the color swatches too, but they have disappeared over the years.) The system works for most people.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--So, what "season" are you?

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I think it is wonderful that you wear blazers- they often give women a nice shape and hide 'flaws'. But more importantly, I think it is great you realized you had moved away from colors that look good on you in order to 'hide'. THAT is a problem that must be corrected! Good for you for figuring it out.
It's correct. Smart. ;p

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Roxanne said...

Glamorous--I'm so glad you've put that phrase into practice already. Go. Carry it to the masses.

Packrat said...

Roxanne, to answer your question - good question. In a clothing class in college, I was told I was an autumn because all redheads are autumns. I questioned that because I had always looked horrible in my mom's lipstick and most of her clothes. (My mom is an autumn, too.)

A Color Me Beautiful/Mary Kay consultant told me I'm a summer - after making me up with warm toned make up. It was a disaster!

I vote summer/winter despite my red hair.

Maybe you can help. I have grayish-blue eyes. My red hair used to be the color of a brand new penny, but now like a slightly darkened penny. I'm very pale with golden freckles with pink undertones in my skin. I have pale blond (almost white) eyebrows and eyelashes. I "tan" both pink and gold. I'm rather splotchy looking after being in the sun.

I look ghastly in red, coral, or orange lipstick, but I can wear bronzed blush. I look super in most coral/peach/apricot colored clothing. I can't wear bright grass (like kelly green) green, yellow greens, pure bright red, old gold, tan, or beige.

To help you, I look really good in black, bluish grays, all blues, some greens, most yellows, most pinks, most purples, dark green, white, dark brown, some oranges, brick reds, wine colors. I naturally gravitate toward bright spring and summer colors.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--It has been YEARS since I was up on the color stuff. From my murky memory, though, I do recall that they talked about some folks falling into more than one category. The way to determine it was to decide which season held the majority of flattering colors, and then make sure to leave out the parts that were not appropriate.

I also remember them saying that not all redheads were autumns and not all dark skins were winters. We held swatches up beneath the faces to see what happened with shadows and skin clarity. Sometimes it was very surprising to watch how things changed when you least expected it.

Autumn has muted colors. It sounds like you need clear colors. Since you have red hair you wouldn't want to use the orange/red, etc. since that would clash, unless it was a clear red and the apricot/peach that you described.

Without being able to "drape" you I would venture that you're a "strong" summer. That means you can carry some of the stronger colors (like the black, wine and dark green of the winter palette), but primarily the clear tones of the summer palette brighten you the best. A true summer would be washed out with the stronger colors.

The red hair being the clear copper you described, and the fact that you have pink undertones (and probably look deathly ill in tans and browns) make me sure that autumn is NOT your palette!

Stay away from the muted fall colors as (I'm sure you know) they'll wash you out and you'll have to overdo the makeup to compensate.

That's my best shot. Does my analysis strike a true note or am I way off?

If I'm way off you'll just have to come to my house and let me drape you!

Packrat said...

You are good! It would be great fun to meet. Maybe one of these days. :)

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