Jul 17, 2009

Clothing Evaluation--Decimated Closet

I thought this would be amusing. My closet is on the smaller side. In the picture below you see how everything is smashed in, especially on the top.

I've already gone through the bottom rack where the skirts and pants are. I left the winter skirts in since there are only three of them. The top rack, however, is much roomier. (Note the distance between the hangers.) Why? I took out all the winter tops and the ugly and ill-fitting tops. What's left is three dresses, the summer shirts and the blazers.

When I decided to pull those items out of the closet, I envisioned the "after" picture being six lonely blouses, forlornly hanging. I have more than I thought for my "dress up" (eg church) clothes.
I went shopping yesterday. After 45 minutes and an ARMLOAD of capris and shirts, I walked away with one blouse. I love it. It fits wonderfully. It's pretty. It has no stains. It cost $4.50.
I'm happy.
Next shopping trip I'm really going to try and score a pair of capris. I'm obsessed with getting a pair now. Must. Have. Capri. Pants.
Not really. But, I do feel that with all this regular chassis maintenance I really want my regularly shaved legs to have a chance to see the sun!


Ann said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start. I know it's hard to get rid of things. In my case I am always thinking that I will need it if I loose weight.

I am an avid thrifter but my rule is to only buy it if I lOVE it. If it doesn't fit well or I'm not crazy about the fabric or style then I will most likely never wear it.

My goal is to have a closet full of things that I only love and that make me feel good to wear. I think that would take all the stress out of getting dressed in the morning.

Roxanne said...

Ann--I have a drawer where I keep my very favorite too-small clothes. They're out of the way but I KNOW they're there. The ones in my closet fit funny. Something is just not right about them. They just need to go!

I'm trying to adopt your rule about LOVING it or it doesn't come home with me. I agree that it's time for a stress-free closet!

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