Jul 20, 2009

Clothing Evaluation: Dresses

I love dresses. You don't have to match up the top and the bottom. Only one hanger is needed. Love 'em. Before I gained so much wait, I had a nice selection, too. (I'm in the midst of watching "Dallas" reruns and have been enjoying watching the clothes of my youth paraded before me. Especially the dresses.)

Sadly, considering my love for them, I have only three. They are all the same shape: sleeveless, straight from the shoulders to my ankles, with no perceptible waist. They're nice and cool except for the fact that I wear jackets over them. My upper arms are not up for any outings.

What I REALLY want to do at some point in the future is have a collection of HOUSE dresses. I'm not talking about dumpy and shapeless, either. I want the housedresses Lucy and Ethel wore. I want pockets. I want cute patterns and perhaps a little piping. As soon as my shape allows, I will attempt to make one of those housedresses. If it's successful, then I will make enough to be my daily "uniform."

The thought of a daily uniform for full-time homemakers is enticing. You always know what you'll be wearing and it will always look nice. Combined with an apron, of course. That's my goal.

Take a look at these. The first shows the housedress in action. I'm SURE that if I have a housedress I'll get more work done! The second looks cute, too. I like how the panels at the waist seem to reduce the waist and I like the zipper front. The third pattern I OWN. That will be my first project when I get small enough to make it.


Packrat said...

I love pattern 3. It looks fairly simple, too.

Number 2 pattern would be a bear to make because I'm pretty sure those are insets at the waist. The insets would be wonderfully slimming, tho. The big pockets would be really nice, too.

If you make house dresses, be lazy and use cotton/poly so you don't have to spend too much time ironing them! :)

M said...

I love dresses with pockets! They're cute and useful! I bought a dress pattern with 6 different dresses, thats what you should do. Im a little on the bigger but I figured if I made my own clothes then not only could I customize them but they would be flattering on me bacuse they were made for me. Besides, in the earlier eras, there were bigger women, and there clothes flattered them. (I completely understand about the upper arm!)

weenie_elise said...

you own that pattern and you haven't made it yet? it's darling... hop to it... :)

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Good tip about the fabric. It would defeat the purpose if I have to iron those, too!

M--I am all about pockets. I'm hoping that I can make something more flattering by using the retro patterns. My "straight" dresses just don't do the job.

Weenie--I DO need to get on it, don't I? I forgot about it until I went through my dress evaluation. If I ever do get it done, you can be sure I'll post a pic here!

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