Jul 14, 2009

Clothing Evaluation: Tops

I currently own the following coverings for the top half of my body:

  • 14 sleeveless shells (to wear under jackets only)--I wear six.
  • 10 summer weight 3/4 length sleeve--I wear six.
  • 8 winter weight long sleeve--I wear five.
  • 3 short sleeve casual tops.

Further issues:

  • I like the shells. I like them in the winter because I get too hot wearing a jacket with a sleeved shirt.
  • Since I wear the shells ONLY with jackets, that means I can't wear them in the summer.
  • The summer weight shirts that I don't wear are because they're too small or unflattering.
  • The three winter weight shirts are unworn because they are ugly as sin.
  • I wear all three casual short sleeve tops. Sadly, two of them have stains.

Let's do a bit of calculating, shall we?

  • In the winter I have exactly 11 possible tops TOTAL. I don't normally wear jackets unless I'm going to church, so that takes me down to five shirts that I wear over and over, as the winter drags on and on.
  • For summer wear I have nine choices. On days that are actually warm (it DOES happen, I'm told), I am down to only three choices. If I don't want to look pathetic, I wear the ONE shirt without stains.
  • Yet I OWN 35 tops.

I really don't know what to do about this. Obviously, losing weight will give me more options, but I don't know how long that will take. I need to be covered and comfortable, well, now.

I don't know what to do. I don't really want to spend any money (I know--I never do!). I could possibly sew something, but I keep doing other things.

This category is the most frustrating one in my closet. I am annoyingly top heavy, so I'm always trying to minimize that area. That has led me to buy things in desperation just to cover myself. They're usually not flattering and tend to be black or brown. B-o-r-i-n-g.

I have no answers for my dilemma. Instead, I have a closet full of "Nothing to Wear."

I WILL, however, chuck the stained items!


Ann said...

I know you said you don't want to spend money but in all honesty I think the best thing to do is to purge yourself of all the things that you do not wear. Seriously , you won't miss them.

The rule of thumb is if you buy one you must throw away two. So in your case I would say throw away two and buy one. But not of the like. You have 5 shells you do not wear and 6 that you do. I think 6 is enough so I wouldn't think you need to buy any more of them. Now maybe it's just me but I would think it would make sense to purchase more short sleeved shirts to replace the stained ones.

Clothing really is a necessity and it's ok to allow yourself a budget for replacing things that are worn. To me a stain is worn.

Roxanne said...

Ann--You are absolutely right. You have spoken words of wisdom and direction, and I'm going to apply them! You've been able to see what I felt blinded about.

Thank you!

Packrat said...

I'm with Ann. At least get rid of the ones that don't fit.

Save the stained ones for any painting or really dirty or bleach jobs you might do.

Get rid of the ugly ones *unless* they are only ugly because you have nothing that they go with. Try taking them shopping to see if you can match them and make them become pretty. If the color isn't good on you, don't keep them.

If you don't want to spend money, sewing won't help unless your sewing machine is already serviced, you already have patterns, fabric, thread, buttons, etc. Oh, and free time. Sewing is incredibly expensive. The only things I have found that are less inexpensive to sew than to purchase are formals, shorts, short skirts, and little skimpy tops (not for me, for my daughter. lol!).

Sounds like you need to spend a little money. For bargains, check out rummage sales, thrift shops, consignment shops, and yard sales. If you don't want to be seen wearing your "neighbor's" clothes, go to another town to do your shopping. Sometimes, Good Will has a selection of brand new clothes for super wonderful prices - like $2.00 for a blouse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne!

Kudos to you for even doing this project : ) It's a lot further than I've dared to go.

Oh dear, do I ever hear you on the clothing situation. I have several of what started life out as very nice shirts that are stained, torn, etc these shirts live in a clothes basket in my bedroom. I KNOW I need to throw them away, but sadly every time I need to feel really comfortable, I keep finding myself rooting back through the basket trying to dig out a ratty old shirt.

I just can't get my mind around the fact that something needs to be tossed out or turned into rags. Somehow it feels like I am "wasting" clothing.

My dream would be to have a closet and dresser filled with about 10 outfits for summer and 10 for winter. All would be clothes that I love and feel pretty in. And of course a couple of outfits for dirty work. My footware is like this, and I LOVE it. It makes live so much easier, WHY can't I do the same with clothes?!

Good luck on this project and please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Roxanne said...

Trixie--your description of the ideal sounds exactly like what I would want.

I really don't know how to achieve that, though.

Wait 'til you see what I did today...(cue the mystery music...)

Roxanne said...

Packrat--You and Ann are right. I have purged and let go of those sad rags.

I do miss them, though...

When I was in high school, I sewed all my clothes. Thread was 5 spools for $1, fabric was 50 cents a yard. It really is too expensive to sew unless you can get cut rate items. I think that's sad.

Many of my things do come from yard sales and consignment shops. I don't know how I'd clothe myself without them LOL!

Packrat said...

Roxanne, it is sad about sewing being so expensive. Also, I need to take my own advice and clean closets, especially weed out the winter stuff.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--last night I went through my sweaters and blazers. I'll be posting about it later. Now is the BEST time to do this since we're not using them!

The main reason I don't sew clothes any more is because I am so overweight. It was way easier to fit things when there was less of me! I do miss it, though. I enjoyed the process and getting to wear my creations.

In Florida back in the 60s and 70s our store of choice for fabric and notions was T.G. & Y. Does anyone remember that store?

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