Jul 31, 2009

DAILY Chassis Maintenance reminders

The poll has closed and I must say that I'm surprised at the results. 60% of you said that another month would be useful, so I will continue through August.

For me it has been very useful. I need reminders. (BTW, I don't usually need a reminder to shower, but I thought I'd add that in case people thought I didn't LOL!) Having the other items listed in the reminders has been helpful because I will tend to let those things go way longer than I should, much to my own embarrassment.

For example, I haven't had a "skunk stripe" on my hair since I began this maintenance. That in itself is amazing. Also, my hands, feet, and skin are generally happier. Another plus.

I COULD write this stuff down somewhere else, but I don't check other places as often as I check my blog. I like that y'all comment. It keeps me on my (pedicured) toes. I like that the blog is pretty and everything is neat. My handwriting on a scratchpad just doesn't cut the mustard by comparison.

Would anyone like to tell me how this Chassis Maintenance project has helped you? I really want to know, especially from you 60% that want to continue for another month!


Packrat said...

I'm hoping for motivation. Hasn't worked yet, Sorry. LOL

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Do I need to get a whistle and bark some orders? I know how to do that LOL!

Packrat said...

Yes, but I'm pretty stubborn. ;)

Tess said...

haha... Well, you've inspired me, at least. I'm establishing one habit at a time to improve my health and beauty, because I'M WORTH IT! :)

FarmMom said...

FarmMom doesn't necessarily have to look like she lives on a farm! I am paying extra attention to my piggies and feet in gereral and to moisturizing all over! I still need to get other areas in order, but little things feel great! Thanks for the inspiration!

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