Feb 15, 2010

Poll Results for the Powder Room

My poll was about the powder room. The top half is painted in stripes of matte and glossy deep red. The question I asked was what your reaction would be if you were looking to BUY my house and saw the powder room decorated as above. Would you be put off by the color preferring a neutral color instead, or would you find the color appealing enough to be glad the homeowner (me) made that choice?

Well, I was surprised! I really expected the majority of the votes to be for neutral paint. Instead, 66% said to keep it.

As I said in my last post, we are not selling right now. We will one day, though. When that time comes, I think I'll go with your majority vote and keep it the way it is!

The picture doesn't actually do it justice. It's one of things where you have to be there.

If I put on a pot of tea and make something yummy, will you come visit--to see the powder room in person, of course. It might be worth your trip!


Packrat said...

Would love to come and visit. Can we go to PEI, too??? Just you and me? The men would be too bored. Someday...

Roxanne said...

Ooo! PEI would be awesome. You're right, though, about the men. It would have to be a "girls only" trip.

(Anne with an "e"--we're coming someday...)

Packrat said...

Thank you for getting it!!! :)

Also, I didn't mention that my great grandfather was born and raised on PEI. Would have to go see his home, too.

Roxanne said...

Canadian roots? That's pretty cool. Have you been to visit already?

One summer before J was born, I read ALL of her books. She really took Anne from beginning to end didn't she?

Since I have a boy, all the "girly" books are going to have to be read for my pleasure only.

I have to admit that I'm enjoying reading "boy" books that I've never read before. Right now we're reading an abridged version of King Arthur and it's pretty cool!

Packrat said...

Sadly, no,I haven't been. My mom and step-dad took my grandparents, tho. My grandmother was so thrilled. My grandmother's first cousin was still alive and living in the house where my great grandfather was born and raised. I don't know if the house is still in the family or not. My grandparent's generation is gone as well as most of my mother's generation, so I have lost touch. Need to get on the ball and find these cousins.

I haven't read the last of the Anne books. Should do that. Glad you are enjoying the "boy" books. My favorites were King Arthur stories and Kidnapped and Treasure Island.

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