Apr 17, 2010

Another Yard Sale--and a Poll!

I vowed last year. I guess one shouldn't vow. I said that last year's doozy of a yard sale (which involved selling ALL of my baby stuff), was the last one. Goodbye forever and all that.

Yet, I'm having another yard sale. I'm compromising my vow because we have serious amounts of furniture to get rid of now that we've reduced our living space. Also, I'm hoping to net a decent amount that can be applied to that pesky DEBT!

Since the upstairs rooms are no longer part of our living space, I have been organizing them into the yard sale area. I'm especially excited about it because we won't have to worry about weather! My husband is borrowing some tables tomorrow and tomorrow night I will sort the small stuff and get it ready. After that, I have two more weeks until the sale and I'm going to bust through the house again and declutter like a mad woman. I'll take pictures to commemorate this sale. Why? BECAUSE IT WILL BE THE LAST ONE. No, seriously.

You don't believe me? Hm. Well, I decided to do a poll. It's been a while. I have one going on over at my weight-loss blog right now that's about a very important subject. Go and vote if you'd like to participate.

For the poll on this blog, though, I was interested in seeing if anyone else behaves like I do about yard sales. Yes, I am having a giant yard sale (again) and have been decluttering amazing amounts of stuff all winter. BUT, I am very excited about the new yard sale season and plan to take advantage of it. Does that sound like a dichotomy of thinking? Am I really of two minds? If so, am I in my right mind?

This is my reasoning: I've become EXTREMELY selective about what I bring into the house. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but also need to replace a few things with more useful versions. Also, we get all of our work/play clothing (and some dress) from yard sales. Finally, I'm always on the lookout for homeschooling stuff.

So, do you keep your home streamlined and declutter regularly and STILL go to yard sales? Is it just me? (I wouldn't be surprised, LOL!)


FarmMom said...

If you declutter your pasta maker, please keep me in mind...I need another one! Actually, I am looking for one to donate to the cooking center where Biscuit teaches. They borrow mine 3x/month! I don't mind, but they really need their own!

Lexi said...

Stop going to yard sales, woman!

Roxanne said...

FarmMom--Sorry--the pasta maker made the cut for the "keep" pile. It's just too useful!

I'll keep an eye out for one at a yard sale, though, and snag it for you.

I can do that because I WILL be going to yard sales.

Roxanne said...

Lexi--NEVER, I say! Never! LOL!

Mrs Tailleur said...

yeah yard sales!

FarmMom said...

Now you will have extra room for some baby chicks! Just think, by mid-September you could your own fresh eggs!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love to go to garage sales and hold my own. Let me restate that: I don't LOVE to hold a garage sale, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting rid of stuff.

It is too tempting for me to go to garage sales because I find 20 things I want but don't need and then end up selling them at my own yard sale a couple of years later. ggggrrr

But, it is so much fun to go to garage sales. Out here in the country they have a lot of barn sales where you can go into someone's barn and they've got 50 years worth of collected stuff to pour over ---- my husband LOVES to go to these ,but they are dangerous. We might end up needing a barn to house every thing he brings back. lol

Roxanne said...

FarmMom--Nix on the Chix. I discussed it with my husband, but we are just not up to the task. Thanks for the offer, though!

Trixie--We don't have THOSE kind of yard sales here. I wish we did, but maybe it's best that we don't.

I hear you on the husband going to sales issue. We've been known to whisper heatedly as I try to talk him into putting something back that we don't need. Well, I USED to have to do that. I think I've finally gotten him on board with getting ONLY what we need and keeping things simple and streamlined.

He's come a long way!

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