Jun 9, 2010

Catching Up

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

After my Emergency Clean a week ago, I've been tying up loose ends in every department. The house is really coming into order after all the upheaval (MIL's funeral, etc.), my son is officially done with second grade, and we're prepping the outdoor areas for summer enjoyment. Of course, it's supposed to be a high of 58 tomorrow, so I guess I didn't have to rush in that area!

In the last month, I've put aside the two areas that are very important but were just too much for me to deal with during all of this: my weight-loss efforts and my debt-reduction attempts.

I'm ready to jump back on the wagon of consistency now.

I noticed that my "followers" have passed 50 and thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway. I haven't done one of those in quite a while. I came across this book recently as I was cleaning like a maniac, read it, enjoyed it, and thought it should go to someone else to enjoy!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment with one of the following statements with any details you're willing to share. I would love the encouragement!

  • I am 100% debt free!
  • I am working diligently on becoming debt free.
  • I have maintained a healthy weight.
  • I have reached my goal of my healthy weight.
  • I am faithfully working on reducing my weight.

Here's the book. Click on it for Amazon details. I'll do a random drawing next Wednesday, June 16 for the winner:


Lorie B said...

Hey Roxanne...

Glad to see you back on. And I am glad that you are getting everything back in order. I know how upheavals like that can cause what feels like chaos in your home. I WISH (bold, capital, flashing wish) I could say that we are debt free. We are working towards our goal, but right now, we have more month than money it seems, so it is SLOW going. Still, I expect that within around two years, we will have all the bills except the mortgage paid off. I can't wait for that time. Then we can focus on getting rid of that and saving to expand our house (or build the dream home - still not sure which would be the smarter thing to do).

Good luck on the outdoor stuff. We now have a pool. We used it once, and it has been cold and rainy since. (There were even tornados several days ago just about 3 miles from here)

Gina said...

I actually have been working on my weight. Slowly I'm seeing succes. I've found that it is a matter of eating less and exercising more.

Right now I've managed to reduce by 30 pounds. I still have about 50 to go, though.


Liz said...

We are getting close to being debt free (except for the house). we were getting close on our credit card debt and our car's ENGINE just died. We haven't gotten the bill yet (they're still working on it), but they've already indicated that its going to be pretty high.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a longtime lurker. Love your blogs! I am faithfully working on reducing my weight. Spent my whole life as a skinny minnie and then had some health problems that required meds.....the side affect: weight gain. 40lbs in 4 months. it's been a struggle to kick my metabolism back into gear, but slowly it's working......i've lost about 15lbs so far and still have another 25 to go. I also strongly believe in REAL food, so no 'diety' stuff at my house.

Best of luck to you! Will be reading!

Nikki said...

Unfortunately, I need to work on all of those areas!

I think if I cut down on the eating out and the junk food, I can do two things at once

lose weight and reduce our debt!

I enjoy your blog, too.

Linda said...

Love your blog and would love to be entered in the giveaway!

•I am faithfully working on reducing my weight.

I started weight watchers about a month ago and so far have lost just over 5kgs!! Lots of exercise, and smaller, healthier portions have been the key for me. It hasn't been the easiest thing in the world to do, but trust me, if I can, anyone can!! :)

Roxanne said...

Sorry for the delay in catching up.

Lori--I know that you're working VERY hard on getting your debt paid off. You and your family are an inspiration!

(We felt that earthquake several days ago that centered above Ottawa. That was interesting . . .!)

Gina--That's AWESOME! Congratulations.

Liz--That's the problem with cars. We need them on some level, but they are definitely not assets. Our AC just went out on our van. It was 91 degrees today. Of course, the first time I even HAD AC in a car was once we moved north. In Florida I never had AC. Definitely easier HERE than THERE to have to do without it.

Vicki--That's so amazing! Congratulations! I haven't gone to your blog yet, but have you written about your food choices, etc., that are helping your matabolism?

Nikki--Ha! I like how you think. It's really true, isn't it? Less food = less money at the grocery store = less weight = reduced that debt!

Linda--Congratulations to you, too. It's so important. WHY is it so hard to do??? I'm going to check your blog, too, to see what you've written about your journey.

(Unfortunately, the givaway was already over when you commented, but I'm very glad you added your success story!)

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