Jun 29, 2010

Random Rambling

I haven't disappeared. I just haven't been able to get my thoughts down lately. Summer is in full swing and this is the busiest I've ever been. Our summers our so short (compared to Florida, anyway!) that I've become obsessive about spending every moment I can during the summer OUTside. I don't always have WiFi outside.

I've also been working very hard (in the evenings) on getting areas of life in order. I recently managed to get caught up on the business paperwork (husband owns a paint contracting business), but I need to establish a better system of receivables and payables. I've also been working hard on other computer-paper-related areas. I was prompted to do this because my computer freaked out at the beginning of June and I finally had to get it cleaned off. Now there's only programs on it and I have to reload all my "stuff." All of this takes SO MUCH TIME!

Though I haven't been writing any posts on any of my blogs, I HAVE been composing things in my mind. I read other blogs and think about their points of view regarding marriage, children, homemaking, etc. and want to write my own, but want to really get things down in a logical and interesting fashion.

I've also been thinking a lot about my MIL and her life. There are so many thoughts regarding that. I hate the fact that she pretty much threw away her life in the last ten years, especially in regards to her only grandchild. It makes me sad and, yes, a little bit mad, too. Mostly it causes me to want to take some measures to make sure that I don't do the same thing in my later years--especially since they're looming on the horizon!

The above is generally what's going on with me and in my mind. You see why I've had trouble putting cursor to compose box! (You know, "Pencil to Paper" except in our computer world...)
I'm going to do another post shortly in which I pose a thought to ponder. I would love to hear other points of view.

Please, ramble with me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne!

It's so good to hear from you I was wondering if all was well.

I'm kind of in the same boat -- all my time has been spent enjoying summer, and the business paperwork. It's like it's never ending.

There's just something about deaths that cause us to reflect. It's a really hard process. I'm sorry for all involved. The one good thing you and your son have from this woman is a wonderful husband and father.

I hope you continue enjoying the beautifu weather and have a good summer. Looking forward to your next post.

Roxanne said...

Hi Trixie--Thanks for touching base.

Yes--business paperwork is GOOD to have, but good grief!

I agree. My MIL DOES have a legacy, though she wasn't interested in participating. I am certainly grateful!

I miss posting, so I'm going to bump it up on the priority list.

Too bad we live so far apart. I KNOW that I would very much enjoy getting with you IRL. I think we'd have a fantastic time!

DrJulieAnn said...

When we are having conversations with friends, how often do you compose your thoughts in your head before sharing them?

Of course, I'm the pot calling the kettle black.

My rambling point: You don't have to be perfect with your thoughts before writing them down. Ramble away!

PS: After taking care of my elderly in-laws for a week, I know exactly what you mean about being in a reflective mood.

Packrat said...

I understand you being mad at your MIL. I really do - as much as anyone can understand another's feelings. Just try to look at her attitudes and changes as an illness, something she probably had no real control over.

Enjoy your summer. We'll catch up when the snow flies again.

Roxanne said...

DrJulieAnn--Oh, Lord, all the time! I'm constantly composing and anylizing what I'm about to say. That's why I hate to talk on the phone. I'd rather email so that I can EDIT before I send LOL!

I have been composing my next post about my reflections and I'm going to just have to "publish" or I will edit it to death, I guess.

Packrat--SNOW!!!! Bite your tongue!

Yes, I agree. I know that the changes in my MIL were what was the now reality. Just so frustrating...

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