Nov 6, 2010

NO!! Not Holiday Hair!

This summer I scored a handful of Life magazines from the early 40s. They are so very interesting to read as that's the time period for WW2.

You know what else is interesting? The ads.

This one, for example. Click on it to enlarge and read the horrors of wind, water, and sun and their effects. Then read the glowing praises regarding Kreml Hair Tonic.

To be honest, it actually makes some sense. We definitely over-wash our hair. Our oil glands work over-time every time we wash to compensate for being regularly stripped from our scalps.

Now, I'm not ready to go "No-Poo" yet (as in no SHAMpoo--click HERE for instructions), but the description of the 80% olive oil shampoo in the ad has me intrigued.

Having grown up during the time "The Dry Look" was introduced, I washed my hair daily for years. After washing I blow-dried and curling ironed it to death. I also lived through the era of perms.

Now, I let my naturally straight hair air-dry as much as I can, and I try to give it a day's rest between washings. It seems to be a combination of the first and third pictures in the ad.

The fact that I'm staring downhill at 50 may also have something to do with my hair's condition.

Perhaps I should hunt down a bottle of Kreml!

ETA: I DID hunt it down! It is still being sold. Click HERE to see the ad.


FarmMom said...

Biscuit has extrememly sensitive skin and has been having very itchy scalp which she supposes is from the shampoo. We switched brands over and over. Finally, I suggested that she try baking soda only. SHE LOVED IT!! She had great results immediately ~ no itchiness! Also, her mild dandruff is hardly noticeable.

I am not ready to try this myself yet, but I thought that it was funny that you posted on yet another thing that we have just been dealing with! Your timing is impeccable!

Roxanne said...

That's VERY interesting. I've heard that those with thick, curly hair also find their curls more manageable. Has Biscuit noticed a difference with that?

I'd be willing to try "no-poo" if I didn't KNOW that my hair would go through a seriously greasy stage before it evened out. I just can't do that!

I AM considering doing every other wash with the baking soda, though. Perhaps that would be like a transition?

Hmmm. You should post about it!

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