Apr 27, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 36 Weeks to Go

WE HAVE SUNSHINE TODAY! IT'S 70 DEGREES! (Please excuse all the shouting. It's been a long winter.)

Let's see. My progress this week is as follows:

Area 1: Weight

Up ANOTHER pound. Wrong direction. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Area 2: Family

Teaching organization to a 9yo boy. He's an only child, so he doesn't realize that everything he owns would practically be common property if he had siblings. He has NO idea. He sometimes doesn't see WHY I insist on his keeping his belongings put away when not in use. He's certainly WAY better than I was at that age. We'd have the big Saturday clean-out and all visible things chucked all over the room would be stuffed under the bed. I had to learn the hard way that doing that is NOT the best scenario for living. He still doesn't understand WHY, though.

Area 3: Schedule

My several-weeks-tested new schedule that I've been mentioning is working GREAT for me. Tomorrow I will post the synopsis and my example for anyone who loves reading other people's schedules (like I do!).

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

It's time (finally!!!!) to break out the warmer weather clothing. This "tip" doesn't have to do with MY chassis, but my son's: He has outgrown all the "play pants" that he's been wearing around the house all winter. They're going to get new lives, however. I will turn most of them into shorts since the waist and hips still fit. I paid no more than 50 cents for each pair (yard sale) and now I'm getting double the use for my money!

Area 5: Debt

Along with last week's mention of switching our CC debt from 15% cards to 0% cards and applying the saved interest amounts to them for the next 12 months, we're also writing down the amounts we DON'T spend that we would normally have. At the end of the months we'll also apply those figures to the debt. Just this week I've already added up $10 unspent money that will go to the cause.

Area 6: Garden

My "babies" are doing well. They're sitting in the sun today with a good drink of water. We're going to clean out the front flower beds on Saturday.

Now I'm off to clean the basement for half an hour and then we're going to the PARK!!


Stephanie said...

Don't feel too bad about the organization. Our boys are no better and the toys are common property. Part of me always wonders if they had their own toys and own rooms if it would make any difference...and then I think, no. They're just being boys.

Packrat said...

70 degrees! Wow. I believe our highest has been 60 once.

Sorry about your weight. You know that I am commiserating with you about that problem.

"...everything he owns would practically be common property if he had siblings." Yes and no. Some things are just off limits to the other siblings. Part of learning to respect other peoples' property. Yes? No?

Roxanne said...

Stephani--I know. I keep having the delusion that I can overcome those tendencies. To whatever degree he takes in my teaching in this area, it will at least be better than it could have been LOL!

Packrat--Not only did we reach 70, we busted on past that to 80!!! Joy, joy, joy! We're back at 60 today, but I'm still rejoicing.

I knew I didn't make myself clear about the common property thing. What I was trying to say was that his belongings wouldn't automatically remain untouched. Other sibling fingers would make attempts on his stuff! If I had more children, I would definitely make it clear that some things were for the individual only.

My sister and I had interesting experiences learning those lessons LOL!

Packrat said...

Sorry, but the common property thing is kind of sore subject even after all these years. Grandma V was "different". Anything that was my brothers' was theirs. Anything that was mine, the boys were allowed to touch, take, and destroy at will. Is this why my brothers still think that I owe them anything they want?

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