May 3, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 35 Weeks to Go

Only 35 weeks left of 2011? Amazing.

Area 1: Weight

Aaaaand, we're back where we started. I believe this is called "yo-yo." I am NOT trying to play games here, dagnabbit!

Area 2: Family

We've got company coming this week (waves to FarmMom). My son is an only child. FarmMom has four, one of them a boy my son's age. Last time they visited J wanted to go back with them and I expect the same thing this time. (Hmmmm. It could be like a second honeymoon with my dh...) Nah! I guess I'd miss my baby and want him back home. Since I can't run fast enough to catch their van as they leave, I'll just have to hang onto J so he doesn't jump in before they close the door!

Area 3: Schedule

I recently did a three-part series (HERE) on what's been working for me in this area.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

If I DO have to chase FarmMom's van down the street to retrieve my stowaway child, it will require a pedicure. Perhaps I'll just go ahead and schedule one to finish up my Christmas present, in anticipation.

Area 5: Debt

A "setback" of sorts. Our 8yo van needs some TLC. Brakes, particularly. Air Conditioning, possibly. It has been an awesome vehicle, so we want to take good care of it. Definitely not an asset in the financial realm, though!

Area 6: Garden

My babies are coming along, though the peas sustained a blow when the soccer ball landed in them. Around these parts they tell us to wait until Memorial Day weekend to plant. This year we will. Next year I'd like to attempt using cold frames to get an earlier start. Have you used cold frames before? Did you make them yourself? How, if you did?


Packrat said...

Bummer to all except your gardening. Actually, too bad J couldn't go with FarmMom for a few days - long enough to have fun without getting too homesick. It would be fun for everyone.

Packrat said...

Cold frames: Your husband could whip them out using scrap lumber. John has built them. If he can do it, L definitely can. The real expenses involved are hinges and the hard plastic or fibre glass for the tops. Glass is really too heavy to handle. Maybe you can use rolled plastic where you live. We can't because the wind blows too hard and rips it to shreds.

We used to spray paint gallon milk jugs black and fill them with water. These lined the inside of the frame. The water would heat and help keep the inside of the frame warm at night.

K Quinn said...

Tee hee! My baby is an only child too. She keeps begging for her sibling (we're awaiting the call to adopt). I'm afraid one day she will kidnap a baby on the street she loves kids so much.

I hear you on the weight loss. I swear I gained 5 lbs overnight! I'm doing workouts to tame this beast. My weightloss partner is going the diet way.

You need the car so even though a financial planner wouldn't see it this way you made an investment in the transportation arena.

Cold frames: I wanted one but I don't have one. My mom drew up plans to make one but we never acted on it. We have some salvage place here in town that would have parts. I think you should do it!

Roxanne said...

Packrat--FarmMom AND J have both presented that option to me LOL! I know they'd have a good time and there's a real good chance that J would NOT be homesick at all.

I would be, for him!

Thank you for the tips regarding cold frames. We're keeping them in mind for this fall as I hope to "extend" our garden, if possible. That is, of course, if the gard "goes" at all. I've already drowned the plants and I haven't even gotten them in the ground yet!

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--It's good to know I'm not the only one LOL!

My sister's baby is five weeks old now. My son has requested that we bring him home "just for a while." The reason for that time frame is that he doesn't like it when the baby starts to fuss and cry.

The boy has no idea what having a sibling would be like!

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