Jul 12, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 25 Weeks to Go

Hello all!

Last week we hit the official middle of the year 2011. Summer is (finally) in full swing here. In fact, it is currently 88 degrees and sunny. I'm writing this on my screened porch (fans on high) while my son is splashing around in his small pool. Life is good. Now for a quick resolution update:

Area 1: Weight

With all the beautiful weather, I've been getting more exercise. I've also been upping my veggie intake which has made me feel better all around. I forgot to get on the scale this morning, but I was down a bit last week.

Area 2: Family

I've decided I'm not going to have any more bad days. How's that for a statement? I actually had one this morning. I guess what I should say is that I've decided I'm not going to allow any day to stay or finish as a "bad day." Each time things try to shape themselves in that direction, I'm going to make it a point to find some way to turn it around. For example, I was mightily discouraged this morning. I could easily have wallowed around in that discouragement for quite some time. I chose, instead, to actively find a way to encourage someone else. It made all the difference. The issues of the morning have not resolved themselves, but I've at least given this day another name besides "bad day."

Area 3: Schedule

I haven't posted about this in my homeschooling website (which hasn't been updated since, like, April!), but I have a modified "summer program" going on. I'm going to post about that over there soon, so click on the link if you're interested in what that means, exactly.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I want to bring it up again. I'm in my 40s (Good golly, Miss Molly!) and, well, my hair isn't as thick as it used to be. Now, the body hair being more sparse is totally OK with me. It's the "crowning glory" loss that has been kind of scary. I literally broke my vacuum beater bar because there was SO MUCH HAIR clogging it up so fast.

I brought up this question on a forum for AnnLouise Gittleman who wrote Fat Flush and many other books. AnnLouise has spent decades studying female hormones and her advice really, really works. Her advice regarding my hair loss was exactly what I needed. I am, apparently, low in Biotin. When I take my Biotin daily, my hair stops falling out and it becomes thicker again. When I stop taking it, within 4 weeks I'm shedding like my Pomeranian used to do in the spring.

Just thought I'd share!

Area 5: Debt

Slowly we're recovering from all our water issues. Some friends donated their time and we were able to get our roof finished for about half the price. My husband was able to negotiate the wood for a wood shed (that we'll be needing) and saved approximately 80% (NOT a misprint). I'm actively managing the books and things are starting to feel less oppressive all around. When we get out of debt, I declare that we will do WHATEVER we need to do to stay out of debt. I know things happen, but we will do our part not to contribute to it ourselves.

Area 6: Garden

My garden is actually doing fairly well! I have been faithful to weed, water, and pick bugs (eww!). We've been eating lots of lettuce and radishes as that is all that's mature right now.

We always make it a point to comment about how the food we're eating is only 8 minutes old. We just FEEL the nutrition coursing into our systems. We effuse about the lusciousness of the whole experience. My son just rolls his eyes.

Then I send him out to weed!


K Quinn said...

I love your resolution updates. Believe it or not they keep me on task too. I finally filled out my to-do list and did some of the to-do's!

Like the "Chassis" maintenance. That gives me a giggle.

And just had a long distance talk with my BFF (I had to type that) and she's taking one of those work vacations with her hubby this weekend. It's actually in the same town but at a resort. Very nice! I mentioned your blog post.

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--I'm glad someone finds my weekly updates useful. Knowing I'm "reporting" helps me to stay on task, too!

Packrat said...

Would you believe that your posts didn't appear in my Reader list until yesterday? Now, I'm several behind.

Fresh from the garden produce is just wonderful. So glad your garden is thriving.

An aside: Too much vitamin A can cause one's hair to fall out, too.

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