Jul 16, 2011

Starting Points

It could be just me. I hope it's not, but it could be. Here's the issue: When the house has gotten away from me due to whatever reason, I look around and feel oh-so-overwhelmed. A feeling of panic begins to rise and my mind says, "WHERE DO I START??"

I think I've solved that problem.

I call this revelation my "Starting Points." Each room has one. It's the FIRST place I start to begin to bring order back to a space. I know that beginning at each starting point will provide a momentum of bringing order. Once that is finished, I usually go to the right and work my way around until all is well again. Even when things are not out of order, I still always begin in the very same places. That keeps me from having to think and subsequently hear my mind shouting. Shouting hurts my ears.

Here are my "Starting Points":

  • Kitchen: The dishwasher--empty and load

  • Bedrooms: Make the beds

  • Laundry: The whites

  • Bathroom: The Sink

  • Living Room: Couch

  • Dining Room: Table top

  • Misc. areas: To the right of the door as you walk in

  • Car: Driver's seat

I don't have a starting place for anything outside yet. Now that I'm working through my Five Year Yard Plan, I will probably develop something.

What do you do to motivate yourself to get started?


affectionforfitness said...

My mom, a neat bug (which obviously did not rub off), told me to pick up the biggest things first (i.e. blanket in the middle of the floor), working from the front of the house nearest the front door toward the back. Then, go back for the quick tidy of each room. Then, the dishes, sinks, and toilets. And, if still have time (before that company comes!), then vacuuming and dusting. And don't even go upstairs, if I haven't handled downstairs. The neat bug is very logical.

:-) Marion

Roxanne said...

Marion--"Neat Bugs" just come by this knowledge innately, I think. It's good that she shared her technique with you, saving YEARS of frustration, I'm sure!

Packrat said...

My house is so bad that there really isn't a starting point. Can't do ___ until ___ which can't be done until ___. Vicious cycle. Panic sets in.

Outdoors: The first place is always the front porch or where guests would come up/in to the house. My mom's rule. :)

I didn't inherit the neat bug gene, either.

Lynn said...

Just wanted to say that I like your blog! Hope you and your family are doing well!

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Ah, yes--that panic. I know it all too well.

Roxanne said...

Lynn--Thanks! We're doing well, thank you. I trust you and your family are having a wonderful summer.

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