Aug 23, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 19 Weeks to Go

Wow. We're in the "teens" now as far as the number of weeks left in 2011. I don't think I'll count down next year--it seems to be making the year go faster!

Area 1: Weight

I have lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks. I know EXACTLY how that happened. I have officially sworn off of McD's Caramel Frappes. My body ordered me to after being up one night, all night, with extreme stomach pain. My new name for this beverage is "Frappe Blah!" (My son likes that and uses it often.)

Area 2: Family

I've been working on finishing up my son's summer program. The biggest thing we've worked on all summer is getting him to stop hating math. It seems to be working, mainly because I've found a math series that he absolutely adores. It's called Life of Fred. (To see more about it, click on the title.)

Area 3: Schedule

Regular maintenance has been going fine. A new desire to organize has been kicked into high gear, though. I will be posting about this increased ampage soon. It's bordering on extreme, but a good extreme!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I have been coercing, I mean asking a lady at church to teach me her major skills regarding fitting a pattern. I got one lesson in February. I have been begging, I mean checking with her to see when our next class might be. As of this morning, I should be increasing my knowledge starting tomorrow at 1:00!

Area 5: Debt

Nothing new here. You may move along to the next category.

Area 6: Garden

Let's see, all the items that are doing great so far: lettuce, cucumbers, melons, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, peppers, collard greens, and some yellow squash before I murdered the plant.

Those that are not: Tomatoes

The most important crop we wanted success with? Tomatoes

There are a lot of flowers. There is some fruit. Nothing is ripe. The few that sort of ripened were split and ugly.

At least all the others are happy!


affectionforfitness said...

I checked out the Life of Fred website. That looks interesting. What grade is your son in for homeschool? Mine is in 8th grade.

:-) Marion

K Quinn said...

Your updates make me laugh. I need to lose 3 pounds add a 0 to the end. Sigh!

This is the first summer we worked on other skills besides English with Peanut and yesterday while doing her math sheet it was so evident it has paid off. I'll have to check out Life of Fred.

Tomatoes are so obnoxious. Our's are all big and green. They take forever to ripen. My husband went out this morning and bough 20lbs (no joke) from the u-pick farm up the street. We put so much into tomatoes and get so little from them. Hmph! Hang in there they may produce yet.

Roxanne said...

Marion--My son is in 4th and we're doing the fractions book. He absolutely LOVES Fred. In fact, he's reading the "funny parts" to me right now while I'm typing!

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--Sadly, my in add a 0 and DOUBLE the 3 for my weight loss challenge!

The Fred books are going to be introducing the beginning math books soon. Right now they start at fractions. I can't recommend them highly enough for those who are word oriented.

RE Tomatoes--I'm beginning to be annoyed with them. The ONLY time I've had success was when I used Miracle Grow. Makes it a little scary to know what was in that stuff, eh?

I might have to do the Upick thing, too, though, because I want a supply of tomato products for winter!

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