Nov 22, 2011

Resolutions Tuesday: 6 Weeks to Go

Area 1: Weight

I'm scared. I love the holiday season. Love it. I also dread it because, of course, the holiday season is replete with dangerous landmines as regards weight loss. I do NOT want to end 2011 having lost ONLY FIVE FREAKIN' POUNDS! Not good. I'm an adult. I don't have any physical issues beyond being over 40. What IS my problem? It's rather embarrassing to have posted about this all year and have a measly five-pound-loss to show for it. I've overcome a lot of things in my life, but this one is kicking my butt. I don't have an answer to this for me, but I am determined to find one.

Area 2: Family

Thanksgiving is coming up this week, but I'm going to give some thanks right now.

I have a husband who is godly man, the epitome of a Southern gentleman, an amazing provider, loves me even when I'm not very lovable, and an amazing example of a husband and father for our son to emulate. I am a blessed wife.

I have a son who is not a follower. He knows his own mind (even at 2yo!) and has a sense of justice that will serve him well as an adult. He's very funny and very talented. He has a sweet spirit with no "jadedness." (Is that a word?) Last night at church he and a five-year-old boy were walking around holding the hands of an 18mo little girl. They were just walking around being careful with her and enjoying the fun around them. I can't remember and can't imagine life without him. I am a blessed mother.

That's not to say that they are not both very human. We all have are less-than-stellar moments. Doesn't matter. I'm thankful for their being in my life. My life is better because of them.

Area 3: Schedule

I have made it my daily purpose to attempt to work as diligently as I imagine Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother did. For example, they camped for a few days near a river and Ma's first job the very next morning (after breakfast and washing that up) was to get to the laundry. My first desire after traveling for days would be to sleep in, check my emails, and maybe go out for breakfast. I have been keeping Ma in mind as I embark on each morning's tasks. It's amazing how much work I have accomplished! I have it SO much easier with all the appliances, etc. Now I'm seeing some headway in the tasks that I've been putting off with the declaration that I "don't have enough time." Ma Rules!

I've decided that my "hit and miss" style of blogging is annoying me.  I seem to write in a "feast or famine" style, churning out 5 posts in a row and then disappearing for 2 weeks.  I don't like that.  I've set up a tentative schedule that might work for me.  I intend to blog five days a week, taking the weekends off.  For my initial routine I'm going to try to write Monday's posts about something vintage, Tuesday's posts will be my Resolution Tuesday updates until the end of the year, Wednesday's posts I'm hoping to develop something along the lines of a series--short or long, Thursdays will be something about daily life that I just HAVE to share with you, and Fridays I'm hoping to do a sort of food report as I'm working through  my food stock to reduce the amount of money spent for food.  That's where I'm going to start (this week!), but I will adjust as I go. 

SO, that means you have to (you must!) read my posts during the week but I'll let you have the weekend for other, less important activities like, I don't know, your own life.  My blog is THAT important.  (I see you rolling your eyes!)

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I've had issues with styes since I was 16yo. That first one appeared the morning of my FIRST DATE with my now dh. I slathered on the makeup and he didn't notice. I actually have a scar from that one! I've been reading up on natural ways to deal with them and thought I'd share some of the things I've done that seemed to help in the past.

Definition of stye and chalazion

If you are prone to them, gently wash eyelash area each morning with baby shampoo.

If one develops, use hot compresses to relieve pain and then use castor oil to help them heal. It works pretty fast when I do this.

If you develop a chalazion (which I had never heard of before until one showed up about four months ago), apply the castor oil several times a day, using a hot compress on top. So far the one I'm dealing with is still there, but I can tell that it's getting smaller. I have been doing this only at bedtime, but I'm hoping that several times a day will get this thing gone already!

Area 5: Debt

Two steps forward, one step back. Now our chimney might need a new liner to the tune of $1500. If we don't get it fixed, we'll have to get a drop of kero which would use up $1000 of that for this winter. If we go ahead and get it fixed, it's fixed and we'll use that source (wood stove) for the next however many years. The wood is all done (dh has worked from spring until today gathering it), so it's just this issue of the chimney. It may be one step back, but we're still doing the two steps forward!

Area 6: Garden

TODAY I am going to go ahead and process the Brussels Sprouts. That will mean we can completely put the beds, well, to bed for the winter. I've covered the areas with the compost I've been working on and a tiller should be available soon to turn it all under. I'm actually thinking about adding another bed. We'll see if we can get to that before the weather gets really bad. I have made copious notes of what I did and what I will NOT do next year. Maybe next year's efforts will produce better!


Lillian H said...

Så spennende blogg du har--ha en fortsatt fin dag--hilsen fra Norge

Roxanne said...

Lillian H--Takk. Hilsen til deg fra U.S.A.!

Packrat said...

Roxanne, I believe that there are some of us who just cannot lose weight. It is frustrating, but has to be true. Your schedule exhausts me just reading about it. LOL As to getting styes (sp?) - the only time I get them is when I've 1) had many days of eye strain OR 2) need new glasses (again eye strain). Unfortunately, it is time for me to get new glasses. ugh. Chimney. It's always something, isn't it? No eye rolling, just chuckles. :). Wishing you and yours a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--I trust y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

My worst stye experience was definitely caused by stress. I had ONE week to pack everything in our cluttered 2br townhouse in FL before we moved up here. I hadn't even started. My eye pretty much blew up. It throbbed every time I bent over, which was constantly because I was packing!

It was pretty embarrassing, too!

Lynn said...

I struggle to lose weight, too. I wonder (hope!) that what Packrat says is true. Or maybe it is possible at 25 but not when you are over 40??

Roxanne said...

Lynn--(Big giant sigh.) I just don't know.

There's always 2012!

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