Mar 15, 2012

Poll Results: Davy!

Yes, Davy (the cute one) is still everyone's favorite and that's fine 'cause my boy, Peter, came in second!  Micky had a good showing, and Mike even managed to pull off one vote.  Whoever voted for him, thank you.  I was going to be sad if he ended up with zero.

I've been playing my Monkees CD in the car for the last two weeks.  Correction, my SON has been requesting it for the last two weeks.  He has two favorite songs on THIS album.  One is "Heart and Soul" (#20) and the other is "Goin' Down" (#9).  Micky is scatting on that one!

So, Davy WAS the winner, but I'm going to attach a video of Micky to honor the torch being passed to the next generation.


Civilla said...

Yup, he was the cute one. How sad.

Roxanne said...

Civilla--I'm glad he was active right up to the day.

It seems that they all were rather "nice guys" from what I've read about them. How opposite of the usual rocker drug culture.

Now their collective record of wives is quite long...

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