Dec 26, 2008

The aftermath

Well, Christmas is over for another year. My sister and I agreed to double recipes as much as we could so as to have plenty of leftovers for the next day. Those leftovers along with the lasagna I made Wednesday night (did I mention it was REALLY good?) will take us through today AND tomorrow. Cool!

If things keep going like this, the food that I currently have stored will last us 60 instead of just 30 days!

I also really need to go on a diet. Does that mean the food will last us 90 days?


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad I found this. I've been needing inspiration to do this sort of thing. Although, I don't think I have quite as much food stored away, but I really need to start using what I do have and stop buying unneccesary extras.

Love the site. I'll definitely be back. Keep it up!

Roxanne said...

Yes, it's frightening how much food I had stored away LOL!

I'm glad blogging about this is useful to someone else. It has helped to keep me on track.


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