Dec 14, 2008

The contents of my large freezer

I stalled all evening before finally trudging down to the basement to tackle this freezer.

I took EVERYTHING out and put it on the floor. I sorted into piles, threw out obviously freezer burned stuff, and put it all back. The freezer needs to be defrosted, but I'll deal with that later.

Here are the "after" pictures. I was too humiliated to post the "before" ones.

The door:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Shelf 1: broccoli florets (16 oz.)

Shelf 2: chicken stock (2-2 cup containers), pureed winter squash (6-2 cup bags)

Shelf 3: pie crusts (4), puff pastry sheets (2), applesauce (1 qt.), burritos (6)

Shelf 4: pie crust in pan (1), Canadian bacon slices (5 oz.), Immunity Soup (3 cups)

Now the interior:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Shelf 1 (Beef-lots of beef):

In blue pan:
Ground beef (8-1 lb. pkgs.)
Cubed steak (6-1 lb. steaks)
Between pan and box:
Beef shortribs (3)
Chuck steak (2)
In Box:
T-bone (1)
Rib steak (5)
Eye round steak (4 small)
Chuck steak (1)
Porterhouse steak (1)
Sirloin tip steak (1)

Shelf 2 (chicken, turkey, pork):

Roasting chickens (2)
Chicken tenders ( 3 lbs.)
Ground turkey ((4-1 lb. pkgs.)
Pork chops (6)
Center pork chops (3 lb.)

Shelf 3 (veggies, bread):
In white pan:
Quart size baggies of:
Shredded zucchini (8)
Shredded red pepper (6)
Shredded yellow squash (3)
Broccoli (4)
Stacked on the right:
Bread (6 loaves)

Shelf 4 (veggies):
In white pan:
Minced Molokhia (4-16 oz.) (Same Egyptian customer)
Kale (3-16 oz. pkgs.)
Collards (2-16 oz. pkgs.)
Cranberries (32 oz.)
On right:
Gallon baggies of:
Shredded zucchini (1)
Shredded red bell pepper (1)
Shredded yellow squash (1)
Sliced yellow squash (1)
Cauliflower florets (2)

I did it. I conquered and organized the big freezer. I also discovered we have a lot of cow in there.

I will be making stock as I use up the meat in the freezer. The spaces left vacant will fill with containers of stock. I love stock. It's healthy and tasty. Good stuff.

Next on the agenda is the dry goods pantry area(s).

Tomorrow is another day.


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