Dec 13, 2008

The contents of my small freezer

The freezer above my refrigerator was a very scary place.

It was packed full and a danger to any person who ventured to open it. Frozen Ziploc bags landing on one's foot, well, hurts. I didn't take a "before" picture, but the "after" pics are below.

Let me just say that unloading and taking inventory of that little freezer was humbling. As I listed the items I was already thinking of meals that could be made. Sadly, I have spent weeks at a time ignoring my stock and ordering a pizza or grabbing deli food. The golden arches have also seen way too much of me. All because I didn't have a plan.

Well, NO MORE! I'm taking a stand!

Here are my "after" pictures.

First the door:

In the top shelf of the door I have (L to R):

Lime cubes (5) used for "hot lime water" to wash down the flax seed (lower shelf)
Hash browns (16 oz.)
Hot dogs (3)
Butter (8 sticks)
Buttermilk starter (2 small jars)

In the bottom shelf of the door is (L to R):

Cooked ground sausage (3 servings) to make breakfast burritos
Link sausage (51--I added 11 from another bag)
Tina's burritos (3)
Shrimp (6--that's six shrimp, not six ounces!)
Flax seed (1 lb)
Buttermilk starter (2 packets)
Yeast (2 packets)

Now the interior:

Top shelf (L to R):

(Non-working ice cube maker )
Ice cube trays with ice (most of the time)
Green box:
Things to make stock such as leek tops (1 bag), broccoli stems (1 bag), and bones (none now)
Already cooked items: BBQ chicken (2 meals), London broil (1 meal), roast & gravy (2 meals)
Between boxes:
Bacon--standing on end in the back (3 pounds) (I kept forgetting I had some and bought more!)
Spinekopita (24) A customer from Egypt gave those to us. They're interesting.
White box (vegetables):
Okra (16 oz), green beans (32 oz.), corn (16 oz.), blackeyed peas (16 oz.),
Italian blend (16 oz.), mixed veg. (16 oz.), chopped spinach (2-10 oz. pkg.), lima beans (10 oz.)

Lower shelf (L to R):

Misc. herbs box: parsley (3 bags), cilantro (1 bag), dill (3 bags)
Under herb box: whole wheat wraps (8), sprouted wheat tortillas (3), crepes (4)
Green basket (cheese):
Blocks: cheddar (1), Monteray jack (1), Swiss (1), jalapeno jack (2)
Shredded: mozzarella (16 oz.), Swiss (8 oz.)
Sliced: Swiss (4 slices)
Between baskets:
Butter (8 sticks), gingerbread cookies tube
Blue basket (fruit):
Peaches (2-10 oz. pkgs.)
Strawberries (3-10 oz. pkgs.)

WOW! That's a LOT. I'm actually embarrassed. I'm also excited. Now to the big freezer.


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