Dec 15, 2008

The Refrigerator

My refrigerator. It's actually on the bare side. I went grocery shopping on Friday (It's Monday now), but I was already aware that I needed to pinch some pennies.

Here's the evidence:

Top shelf:
Hoison sauce (Threw it out since it was WELL past a year.)
Peanut Butter
Cod Liver Oil
Flax Oil
Olive Oil
Flaxseed in grinder

Bottom shelf:
Maple syrup
Peppercorn dressing
Italian dressing
Sun Drop

Top shelf:
Buttermilk (2 jars)
Cranberry juice
V-8 juice (1/4 bottle)
Ricotta (16 oz.)
Plain yogurt (32 oz.)
Vanilla yogurt (32 oz.)
Cream cheese (4 oz.)
Maple butter (8 oz.)
Northern beans (7 oz.)
3 dozen eggs

Middle shelf:
Oatmeal bread (1/2 loaf)
Wheat bread (1/2 loaf)
Wheat buns (5)
Wheat tortillas (7)
Leftover ribs
Ham salad
BBQ sauce (2)

Bottom shelf:
Pork tenderloin
Beef roast
Ground chicken (2)
Can of coke
LARGE olive oil
Shredded Mexican cheese (4 oz.)
Baby Swiss block (4 oz.)
Muenster block (2 oz.)
Smoked cheese block (8 oz.)
Parmesan block (2 oz.)
Chorizo (4 oz.)
4 dozen eggs (not pictured)

Pathetic carrots (20)
Cabbage (2 heads)
Onions (1 1/2)
Tomatoes (2)
Lemons (8)
Lime (1)
Cauliflower (1 head)
Red cabbage (1/2 head)
Turnips (2)


  • ALL of the produce has that "less-than-perky" look about it. I blame it on the drawer. I can't see it, therefore it's not there.
  • The ribs were from eating out on Sunday.
  • The eggs were on sale for 99 cents a dozen. I just forgot to put them back in for the picture after cleaning out the frig.
  • The ham salad was bought on Saturday because I forgot I had the roast and tenderloin.
  • The ground chicken was also forgotten. I got it out of the freezer on Friday to make supper. We ate leftover chili instead.
It's time to turn the tide.

No more shall food be wasted, languishing alone in the dark recesses until one day cruelly discarded.

I shall overcome my tendencies to buy properly (on sale with lots of variety) but ignore the fruits of my shopping spree.

I shall prevail.


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