Dec 15, 2008

My Built-In Pantry

Now for the ultimate storage area. Really.

Years ago my husband renovated the basement. We're not completely done yet, but one area that he finished was a special place for me. A walk-in PANTRY! He customized it for me and added all the elements I requested. It holds holiday decorations, dishes, cleaning supplies, paper goods, oversized pots.....oh.....and food.

The room is about 6' x 8'. I wanted all white shelves and we used a "wood-look" linoleum on the cement floor. As you walk in the door immediately to the left is the upright freezer I inventoried in a previous post. On top of the freezer is some of my holiday decorations:

Next to that is my Wrapping Paper Center. Above is rolls of paper. Above that (unseen) is a shelf holding flattened boxes and a basket with tissue paper. On the "counter" is two baskets holding labels, tape, scissors, etc. Underneath are gift bags divided by size, a basket of bows and a box of ribbons.

On the same wall to the right of the wrapping center is where my cleaning supplies, light bulbs, homemade laundry detergent, vases, and hurricane lamps are stored.

On the back wall is the electrical boxes. I didn't photograph them. No one wants to see those. BUT, beneath that area is a place for my crockpots, grain mill, and oversized pots and pans that don't fit in my small kitchen. There are also empty boxes tucked in the back for mailing things.

This looks tiny compared to the last picture! This area is on the same wall as the pots. Along with canning supplies, candles, and pasta maker is (finally) food:

Tomato puree (3-28oz.), Crushed tomatoes (2-28oz.), Baked beans (3-28oz.), Yams (5-16oz.), Enchilada sauce (1-19oz.), Pumpkin (1-29oz.), Raspberry jam (7-8oz.), Cream style corn (8-15oz.), Whole kernal corn (4-15oz.), Coconut milk (3-14oz.), Brown Bread (1 large), Black olives (1-5oz.), Tomato paste (3-6oz.), Guava paste (4-25oz.), Evaporated milk (2-12oz.), Picante (1-16oz.)

Now we're on the right wall. On these shelves are empty jars, my china, boxes and boxes of tea, whole grains (large jars), spices, novelty dishes, and teapots.

The food products are:
8000 boxes of tea (just kidding)
Rye berries (25 pounds)
Spelt berries (25 pounds)
Oat groats (25 pounds)
Chicken and Beef boullion cubes (many)
Large containers of:
Cayenne, Bay leaves, Garlic, Cinn. sticks, Salt,
Black pepper
Shortening stick (1)
Confectioners sugar (16 oz.)
Tapioca (2 quart container)
Gelatin (2 quart container)

The last two sections contain:
Paper goods
and Food.

Food products:
Mustard, Granadine syrup, Mint syrup, Lime juice, Sesame oil, strawberry jam, BBQ sauce (3-18oz.), Peanut butter, Pickle spears, Dried cherries, Lipton dried soup (4 packets), black tea (4), Brown rice (2 lbs.), Split peas (16 oz.), Corn meal (24 oz.), WW spaghetti (16 oz.), Cranberry juice (32 oz.), Veg. juice (32 oz.), Taco shells (10), Alphabet pasts (16 oz.), Tapioca (6 oz.), Elbow macaroni (4 oz.), Crackers (1 box), Lentils (2 cups), Orzo (16 oz.), Lasagna noodles (16 oz.), White potatoes (18), Sweet potatoes (13), Onions (6)

(NOTE: I have a separate shelf for items used during sickness (herbal teas, GSE, white rice, etc.). I won't include those in my experiment.)

I told you it was great. I told you I have a lot of food. I told you my pantry was great. I praise my husband EVERY time I walk down there to retrieve something.

I love my pantry.

I told you it was big. You can't see it but I even have a case of printer paper down there LOL! I LOVE my pantry.

Everyone should have one of these. Really.


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