Dec 15, 2008

"Test Run" Monday Meal

I'm not officially starting yet, but I STILL had to make something for supper tonight.

I thought I'd take this experiment out on a test run.

First, I discovered a hand, dandy site called that allows you to enter your ingredients and peruse through recipes that might work for you. I entered the following:

  • Cabbage
  • Ground chicken
I decided to use THIS recipe as my inspiration. I cooked both trays of the ground chicken (2 pounds). I set aside one pound for another meal.

THEN, I added the following to the pound of cooked ground chicken:

2 Cups of shredded red cabbage (using up my supply)
3 Cups of shredded green cabbage
Half can of northern beans
2 T sesame oil
2 T sesame seeds
4 oz. cooked spaghetti, chopped into 1 inch pieces
1/4 C V-8 juice
Cayenne to taste

Here are the results:

The verdict?

Me: I LOVED the textures. The pasta was slippery, the cabbage crunchy, the sesame oil and seeds yummy, and the chicken satisfying. The beans? Not so much. I should have saved them to add to a soup. Nix the beans. Hoison sauce would have been good, but I didn't have any. The cayenne helped to give it a sweet/spicy flavor.

Hubby: He liked it all (he likes beans). I added some Tamari and cayenne to his dish. His impression was that it was a "light" meal with lots of texture.


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