Jan 3, 2009


We had leftovers for lunch. We're eating them again for supper and I DON'T WANT THEM!

What to do?

I cooked some of the burritos we had in the freezer. I served the ubiquitous salad. That's what I did.

("I still want pizza," says a quiet voice.)

I can do this. I can step away from a cheesy-topped crust and eat refried beans. And salad. I didn't say I'd be happy about it, though.

All I can say is I'd better have better leftovers NEXT Saturday. Oh, wait. I AM the one who decides that! Hmmm... I'd better think through this carefully.

The problem is that I eat like a typical American guy. I like meat and potatoes. I like fried. I like vegetables to show up only on rare occasions. Hubby? He loves all things gourmet-ish. He loves seafood and detests fried. He likes bitter things. Goat cheese makes him smile. The more vegetables, the better.

He's also in shape. I. Am. Not.

I wonder if there's a connection? Nah...it's just genes. Right?

OK--rant is over. I went grocery shopping tonight and bought bananas, and milk. Total grocery bill came to $6.24.

I did not buy pizza.


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