Jan 3, 2009

We've had a few deaths

Guess what? If you leave things in the frig for several weeks, there's a good chance they'll go bad. No, I don't mean they'll run amuck--just quietly die and begin to decompose.

I've already lost:

  • A 6 ounce block of Swiss cheese (I was sad about that one.)
  • Most of the pathetic carrots (Which I should have expected since they started out pathetic.)
  • The hamburger buns (see below).

Those hamburger buns. I have grave reservations about those. They've been in there for OVER a month and yet there is nary a speck of anything resembling deterioration. Why not? I'm sort of afraid to eat them now. They're still in the frig, but I may just toss them on principle.

The moral of the story?

Use things from your REFRIGERATOR early on! I got so thrilled about using up my freezer stock that I forgot to put a priority on the frig items.

ANOTHER NOTE: On Sunday, after puttin' a hurtin' on the leftovers all weekend, either freeze the remainders or put them in a soup where they belong. Don't let them linger in the frig an die a sad, sad death.


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