Jan 3, 2009

What about those Gift Cards?

There is one advantage to starting this project at Christmastime--we got gift cards to two restaurants!

I decided that we should see how far we could stretch those, as well. One gift card was for $100. The other was for $20.

My Plan:

My son is 6yo. I have no problem bringing his lunch to a restaurant. I've been doing it since he first began solids LOL! I have a little cooler and I pack milk, leftovers or sandwich items for him. He also shares from both of our plates. I don't think he'll starve. I just let the server know we have his food already.

I have no problem with this for two reasons: 1) We always tip generously, so the server isn't out a tip on the little kiddie meal we didn't order, and 2) Have you seen what the put on the kids menu? Approximately ZERO nutrition!

I digress.

We were able to get TWO meals out of the $20 gift card. Yes, we were! We drank water and I ordered soup both times because that's what I always order at that restaurant. They also serve free tortilla chips and salsa, so that helps to fill one's tummy.

We have already gotten ONE meal out of the $100 card. We have approximately $70 left. At that restaurant they serve free bread (again, filling), we get water, and we're perusing the menu to see how much food we can get for the smallest amount.

I like a challenge!

So, that explains my "Gift Card (free)" each Sunday. I'll have to see what to do after the gift cards are gone...


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