Jan 2, 2009

We interrupt this regularly scheduled experiment...

In this blog I am currently concentrating on using up my food stock (frig, freezer, pantry) instead of purchasing and lugging home MORE groceries.

But that's not the ONLY thing this blog is to be about. It's called The Haven of Home to give me a broad palette concentrating on all aspects of making a home.

So, this post is about something else: Sewing! When I was a teenager, I sewed all of my clothes. I learned to sew by machine when I was seven. HERE is a post on my homeschooling blog where I talked about my amazing sewing prowess. I still sew, but primarily house stuff like curtains, valances, pillows, etc.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of my "stash." I'm dying to sew some vintage-style clothes (30s, 40s, 50s) at some point this year. I will abide by the old adage of "use it up" and try my best to sew out of this stash.

Let me explain the cabinet. Coming home from work one day, my hubby called to say there was a hoosier-sort-of cabinet by the side of the road for free. Free is a happy word. Storage is another happy word. "Hoosier-sort-of" intrigued me. He brought it home and put the upper part on the wall. The lower part was no longer hoosier-like, so he put it in the garage for tools. He then recycled an old bookshelf for the bottom part of my sewing area. White paint brought the two pieces together and I waited impatiently for it to dry so I could get my fabric on it.

For your viewing pleasure I present my "stash" area...
The whole unit:

The area in between (the cups are square-shaped!):


The "hoosier" part closed. I added the glass knobs. I know they're not appropriate, but I liked them!

Left side:

Right side. A mix of old and new. The cannisters on the bottom belonged to my husband's grandparents. That's rickrack on the top right of the door.

If you have pictures of your stash or your sewing room or, well, anything sewing related, please leave a comment so I can come and see what you have!


HappyMom said...

I love the posts!! I want to hire you to do my blog too. I do want you to know you have inspired me to cook from my pantry as well. I have my lists. I will be blogging soon!!

I too want to do some more sewing. But as you know, my stash is sorely lacking. Maybe this summer we can make up for that. Only five months to go!

Roxanne said...

(FYI, HappyMom is my sister)

Thanks for checking out the pictures. Of course, you've seen it in person!

Summer--what's that?

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