Jan 26, 2009

Indoor Clothesline Options

I did some research when I was trying to figure out an answer to Emer Ireland's regional issues as regards drying clothes on a line outside.

Well, looky what I found! (Click on the pictures to link to the websites.)

First, the cheap and simple one that can be attached to your wall. It IS cheap, but if you hang the heavier items over your doors this 5-line dryer could do the rest:

The next one is a heavier duty version of the one above. I would imagine it would last for years. One could take it with one when one goes to the next place to live. Just make sure you spackle the holes in the wall before you leave!

The next one probably wouldn't be good for the dusty conditions Emer Ireland was talking about, but it would be great for those overcast days and possibly winter days if you don't live at the North Pole like I do.

Now this one is my favorite! Look at the room it provides (hangers--well THAT'S a good idea!). AND, it folds flat behind the door. The price is about medium.

Hope this is useful. I'm always happy to enable the Laundry Addiction.


Emer Ireland said...

Thank you for doing so much research!! Those are amazing--guess we've come a long way from the old line!

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