Jan 23, 2009

Week Five: Friday (Days 23)

Well, Thursday was a bust.

Due to very strange schedule problems, I ended up NOT making the quiche. We had some leftovers and I decided that I would make the quiche on Saturday. Circumstances sometimes intervene!

I still kept with Friday's meal of Chicken Tampa, orzo, and carrot salad. I grew up in Tampa, so I was attracted to the name. I've made this many times over the years and it's always nice. I will indicate my changes, due to the project restrictions, in red:

The Recipe:

1 ½ C couscous (I used orzo)
1 ½ C chicken broth (I used water)
2 T butter
1 T oil
4 BLSL Breasts, flattened
1 bunch green onions (I used onion)
¾ C orange juice
½ C heavy cream (I used whole milk)
¼ tsp. salt
1 orange, thinly sliced

  • Cook couscous in broth and 1 T butter. (If using small pasta, just cook according to package directions and use water and no butter.)
  • Melt 1 T butter and oil in skillet on medium high. Saute chicken, turning once, 5-6 minutes.
  • Remove. Cover and keep warm.
  • Add white part of green onions, OJ, cream and salt to skillet. (Or, add regular onions to 1 T butter and saute. THEN add the OJ, cream/milk, and salt.)
  • Boil and deglze for 2 minutes to reduce sauce.
  • Add orange slices and remove from heat.
  • Stir in green part of onions into couscous.
  • Plate the couscous, top with chicken, orange slices, and sauce.


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