Jan 21, 2009

Grocery Day

Today was Errand Day. I must say that it has been SO nice not spending an hour (and large amounts of money) in the grocery store on my "day out." In fact, it was approximately 15 minutes. The total bill came to $14.22. That was for the food items. I also bought dishwasher detergent. THAT WAS IT!

The rest of Errand Day was spent as follows:

Drop unused clothing at drop box
Make deposit at bank.
Mail a package at the post office (It was over 13 ounces so I had to go in. I hate that.)
Stop by favorite children's consignment shop.
See NEW women's clothing consignment shop and stop in.
Spent one hour there and found GREAT deals!
Son was so patient and obedient during that stop I rewarded him with a trip to the library.
Spent half an hour at the library.
Ran into grocery store for 15 minutes.
Came home to do homeschooling.
Cooked the Cabbage Skillet Dinner--that needs a new name. Anyone?
Eat dinner, child to bed, Hubby to meeting.
Read everyone's blogs, get materials ready for tomorrow's homeschooling, hang load of laundry on clothesline.
I'll get ready for bed soon.

BTW, a plan is forming in my mind that might make weekly heavy duty shopping a thing of the past. I'll fill you in on the final details when I have them all worked out.

Ahhhhhh--so restful!


Emer Ireland said...

I'd love to be able to spend 15 minutes at the grocery store, not to mention less than $15. Can't wait to hear your new plan to eliminate heavy shopping!

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