Jan 5, 2009

Week Three: Tuesday (Day 10)

Tonight is, well, "Easy as Easy" (which is a direct quote from five-year-old Timmy in my favorite 1955 story book: 365 Bedtime Stories).

We're having Stir-fry. Oh, stir-fry--how do I love thee? Let me count a couple of ways. You, like soup, use up all those little extras in the frig and the results are always (almost) tasty.

For tonight, I'm going to brown some ground turkey (for me) and saute the six lonely shrimp (for Hubby), then scrounge the frig and freezer for the "little bits" of stuff.

Here is the General Recipe:
  • Small amount of meat, cooked and cut in small pieces
  • Chopped onion
  • Any and all veggies cut in small pieces (cooked or raw)
  • 1 egg
  • Sesame Oil (optional)
  • Rice Vinegar (optional)
  • Tamari or Soy Sauce (optional)
  • Brown rice or whole wheat pasta, cooked
  • Cayenne (a sprinkle brings out nice flavors)
  • Other seasonings

  • Beat egg and then let it cook in a thin layer. Slice up and remove from pan when done.
  • Cook meat if uncooked
  • Add onion and saute (add a little sesame oil here)
  • Add uncooked veggies for a couple of minutes
  • Add cooked veggies
  • Add egg
  • Add brown rice
  • Stir around and add sauces and seasonings
Like Timmy said, "Easy as Easy."


Me: I decided to use my package of whole wheat pasta instead of making rice. It was faster LOL! It is also delicious. My veggies ended up being onions and the last of the mixed vegetables that were wandering around in the freezer. I used sesame oil, Tamari sauce, and cayenne as my seasonings.

Hubby: (When he came in from work I was in the midst of putting Son to bed. He wanted to take over the bedtime routine, but before he went upstairs he was standing at the stove taking bites out of the pot and making happy noises. I think he likes it. )


50sgal said...

taking a quick break while making dinner. I could read that book as it is from my year, only I have no child to read it too, although I could read it to myself. I think the closest I can make to 'stir fry' is american chop suey.

Roxanne said...

I read this book when I was a child--to myself LOL! I wanted to find it for my child as my copy was badly deteriorated. I found it on Ebay and we read through it last year together. It was so cool because it brought back so many memories that we now share.

You might STILL enjoy it, though, because it's about several families who live on one street and the kids go to school that is at the end of their street. It's like a glimpse into (probably idealistic) everyday lives of the 50s. There are line drawings at the top of each page that show the clothing, too.

As far as recommendations, I like it better than any other collection of bedtime stories I've found because the same characters are throughout the book. My son likes that!


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