Feb 15, 2009

Weekly Reporting

I decided to set up a plan for my "reporting" each week. This is a way for me to have accountability and for making the process a little more fun.

  • Sunday night--write an "intro" for the new week's decluttering subjects.
  • Monday--take useful pictures of the area.
  • Tuesday--evaluation of the first area's succes.
  • Wednesday--think up some "fun" activity like a poll or challenge to allow others to speak words of wisdom to me.
  • Thursday--night off.
  • Friday--evaluation of the second area's success.

I find that the more organized the planning is, the more likely I'll "make it happen." It's also just plain fun!

I think I will also do another Giveaway. At the end of the decluttering phase (March 21), I will allow one entry for every single comment each of you makes throughout the process. I've decided that this book would be a wonderful "thank you" for the encouragement your comments will bring to me.

The book is from The Homemaker's Encyclopedia series and is entitled, "Etiquette for Everybody." It was published in 1952 and is infairly good condition.

I love the basement "Rec Room" decor on the cover!

(Entries have closed and

we have a winner



50sgal said...

wow, I want in on this giveaway! That looks like a great book and your project through 21 march sounds good, too. Oh, I saw you had left two comments and then deleted them on my blog, what were they, I am so curious?!

Jacran Cottage said...

Oh, that book would make 3 from the set! I already have the Homemaking and the Sewing ones. (can't remember the proper names, they are at home, and I'm on my lunch at work!). I'd love to one day have the complete set!

Just found your blog, and I love the name. Looking forward to reading through your posts.

Loral said...

I'm collecting this set, too :) Just found your blog and am going to read some archives...I seriously need to declutter!

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